Monday, January 28, 2013

Out going...and New Pen Pal...and ulterior motives and EXPECTATIONS!!

                                                      A couple of packages and a couple of letters...

This is a letter to my new pen older sister who lives in Texas.  It's not like I have never  written to her before, but at least not on a consistent basis...and certainly not much effort has gone either way over the years with letters. Mainly phone calls and visits. (You know she has 7 children and I have we have been a tad bit busy over the years!)   She was very curious about  my Jane Austen Letter  Writing Society (on page 2 of this blog)...but get this...she states in her letter in response to me requesting her to be my pen pal...

"I've done a terrible job of doing things right  or reading between the lines where you and Pat are concerned, so if there is any ulterior motive for this exercise in letter writing you had best state it clearly in your next letter, just so  I'll clearly understand what is expected (if anything)."

You bet there is an ulterior motive... a near drought  of  "REAL MAIL" in my mail box!!!  YES!!!!  There are expectations.... heh, heh...(Just hand over your first born...that ought to do it!)  Nah, seriously :  I write, then you write me back! It's that simple. 

 Hee, hee.  I think it is so funny how suspicious  people get now-a-days when  you ask folks to simply write a reply back to the letter they  are holding in their hands!

Oh we will have a great correspondence...she  is anxious to get into the swing of it.  She just needed my nudge.  How about you... have you tried to connect via letters with far-flung family members? Give it a try...the month of Letter writing starting this Friday is an excellent way to get started. 

Lady Pamela


  1. Well mine never look as beautiful as yours but I did write Grandma this morning...and get it in the mail which is saying something. Also Gideon still eagerly awaits the letter each day...

  2. Hi! I found my way over here via Lettermo. I send mail out just about everyday but my goal is to increase the amount I send in the month of February. I like the story about your sister thinking there was an ulterior motive. Funny!

  3. It's funny that your sister suspected an ulterior motive but how wonderful that she's on board to write you more letters. My sister confesses to being a terrible correspondent and since we live at opposite ends of the state, I wish she'd be a willing pen pal but have resigned myself to lots of phone calls and one-sided snail mail. :)