Saturday, June 17, 2017

Incoming Happy Mail from Patti!

Incoming:Vintage, Postal Themed Mail!

The envelope was only the start to a wonderful what was to come!

Just look at this gorgeous hand made, zippered pouch from the Tim Holtz postal fabric made by my new instagram friend, Patti! Super for keeping a stash of postal goodies , especially good for on the run letter writing! You can find her on instagram as:  pmarti5.  You'll want to check her out, she makes fabulous mail art!

The note card is so amazing!  Made of thick , cotton-y like paper...lovely!  And write back...I did!  You'll see my letter to Patti in a future post.

Coming soon!  A photo tour of my recent trip to the National Postal Museum  (Washington DC) with new friends that I have made on Instagram.    Stay tuned!

Happy Snail Mailing!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Sale!

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Flipping Out With Flip Books!

This is a good way to flip out....

I guess this is my signature flip book style.  I like it because it is a nice simple project...not overly involved, and something that I can approach without  hesitation.  I usually set aside time to make the skeleton's  and then they are ready to decorate  when I am ready or when inspiration strikes!

Here is what it looks like when unfolded.  I make them all different, none of them are the same.

Ha, ha, I love this rubber stamp!  I know.  Random.   Do you have a collection of stationery, note cards?  I am a huge stationery fan, and miss the days of wandering through the Japanese stationery shops in my youth.  They were so interesting, fascinating and just a wonderland!  This summer , I plan to make a few discovery ventures to the local stationery shops in my region.  What summer plans do you have?  

One last thing!  I am having my BIG , all-store , SALE!  This starts today at 10:00 !  So head on over  to the sale!  Etsy: LostArtRevived 

Happy snail mailing!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Some Cute Spring Envelopes....

Most of the time it always starts with the envelope for me.  I think making envelopes gets the creative juices going for me.  When I am pleased with the envelope, then I sit down and write the letter.  It isn't always that way but it seems to happen that way often.  what about you?  These are made using scrapbooking paper.

Front view....

Here is another envelope that was not included in the above photos.  I am getting a little more creative with my postal stamp placements, do you think?    

Here is a batch of out going mail...don't worry, I did finish the cloud letter.  I cut out a cloud for my return address and put a stamp on it.

Hello JO!  Very over-due letter that went out last week, with a little intro page with my letter.  I think this may be my first letter to Malaysia...

I'm still working my way out of the pile of letters ... I am still going at a pretty good pace.  If you need to hear from me, just know that I am still working my way through.

Take care,

Happy Snail Mailing!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Philately Love ...

Literally, all over the place!

Here is some outgoing to Global Pen Pal (You can follow her on Instagram:  Global Pen Pal--that is if you are already following me:  Lostart_revived ;-)  ha, ha. ).  I think the stamps amounted  to $3.02.  I always wonder what the mail system does with this type of mail...Do they manually count up all the postage?  I forgot to show you what I enclosed (besides the letter).  The die cut of the globe, was actually a package of paper globes-- 20 or so in a package. So I included a package of paper globes.   I thought she might find some interesting uses for them.  I also found a nice blank note book (think traveler's notebook size) with a vintage map cover.   
* I met up with Global Pen Pal over the weekend in DC and she told me that there was not a single cancelation on any of the stamps when it arrived !  Do you think they were respecting my work of art?
  I believe Global Pen Pal's mission is to write someone from every part of the globe...  I keep pestering her with mail from Virginia!  I remember the first time I wrote her  (I think I made a blog post about it, but I couldn't find it.)  that I wanted to be SURE that she knew that my letter was from Virginia and that VIRGINIA was accounted for in her mission.

The top photo was the cover of the shaped letter.  You could do this for any state or country you live in.   I basically just downloaded a map of the state of Virginia and glued it to some card stock paper, and then cut it out, along with a few sheets of writing paper.  

Here is a another picture of the letter. And  oh, the envelope, that I MADE SURE had some map pictures of Virginia. Sheesh...  Do you think that she got the message that Virginia had responded to her mission?  Silly me.  

Snail Mail can be FUN, so think about it, and send out some really fun mail!

Happy Snail Mailing,


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Simple Snail Mail Happy Mail Project!

Get down and Get Messy!

Here I am on the floor, making my usual mess.  When I find the desk can not contain my messes, I move to the floor.

These are little folder mailers,  I'm not really sure of a proper term.  But it is a relative of the flip book, just a bit simpler.  I usually have 1-2 pockets to hold some items for the recipient.

If the letter is not too long then I fold it up with some tea, then enclose it in a small lip and tuck cello bag.  This is a 3X4  (inch) cello bag.  

I love these cute , vintage sticker labels.  Aren't they adorable?  I find that I am using them quite a bit lately.  Ha.  You might see them on your letter from me!

Here is the completed project with a cute pink elephant charm and some pink and blue stamps.  All sealed up in a cello bag.   Happy travels!

Hoping this can be of some encouragement to those of you doing the April "Write_on!" challenge!

Happy Snail Mailing!


Friday, March 31, 2017

The Real Life Of A Letter Writer

Real or Perceived?

This my dear friends, is REAL.  I am terribly behind....AGAIN on letter writing.  I could give you all the sad details, you could hear me bemoan my bad habits,  but short and sweet, I over commit, then become mentally exhausted,  my creativity is drained, then you guessed  it, no letters are being written.  But life seems to get one corrected  in one way or another.  My life's correction came by means of my husband being  very sick.  Changes needed to be made in my life so I can focus on him, and so I did.  Not only does he benefit but I've noticed a huge change in myself, more relaxed, rested...and I've noticed that I can look with REAL interest in that pile of letters.  

Perhaps that is the REAL reason letter writing has been on the decline the world over?  Are we all just too busy with life that we are mentally drained and can not focus on the quiet , thoughtful repose of letter writing?  It seems to be  a definite link for me.

Now, not to get too serious here....I thought I would interject my perceived  (Romantic) ideas about letter writing. We have 4 desks in our home, two of them being mine.  This desk sits in my bedroom.  It is very small so in order for it to be productive, it must stay clean.  Ha, ha,  That is a difficult task for me, but I do tend to keep it neat.  This is my "Pinterest"  perception, in other words, what I want you to think goes on all the time.

And here is my my REAL  "work horse desk".  I love the fact that I have a large area to spread out and get...messy.  But I first must get it clean, so that I can think.  But, it doesn't stay that way for long.

Before you know it , it looks more like this.  I really do get messy, but there is a method to my madness...most of the time.

Sheryl sends me the most gorgeous cards made from her own photographs.  She uses Shutterfly, but I'm sure there are others as well.  It's a great idea if you are a  photographer like she is.  

Finally,  I wanted to share with you the little Pen Pal Information sheet that Sheryl sent in her last letter.  Isn't it great?  I love the homey hand- made feel.  It is so simple yet it covers all the major questions.  I have made some copies of this and have started sending them out.  I plans on using the completed forms  putting them in a binder.  On the back side I hope to put a log showing when I sent or received from this pen pal.  It should be very helpful.  I hope that those who I send it out to WILL send it back, completed.  

Must get back to Letter Writing.  If you have written...I am getting to yours.  I have already written 7 letters and hope to get at least that many over the weekend.  Thank you for your patience.  

Clean that desk, and get writing!