Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A month of LOVE...

A Month Of LOVE...Thank you  "A Month Of Letters"!!

Did you get any home-made valentines this month?  I did!  The one above was a creation of my daughter, Ruthann.  Let me print what it said:  "Did you no that you are vere speshol?  Becuse you are vere vere speshol! and I L-O-V-E you sooooooo much, Love Ruthann.  Yep, I need to work on spelling with her, but I will always treasure  this valentine.  I think that  Margaret Shepherd of The Handwritten Note  would approve!  (By the way, Ms. Shepherd's books are so wonderful!

Most of my out-going mail this month has had the valentine theme....I love pink!

Do you think that any of these recipients will  respond?  I have enjoyed being a participant in the Month of Letters (http:/ challenge.  It has  helped me  to contrive a list of people that I would really like  to write on a consistent basis.  Sitting down at the beginning of the month, I wrote out a list of folks that I wanted to started out with about 18 people, but the list has now grown to about 25!  I hope they will enjoy receiving my letters as much as I enjoyed sending them.   If you are a participant in the challenge...leave me a comment on what it has taught you!

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  1. I love her Valentine's :) they are the best!