Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mailing a Tea Party!!

I can not tell a lie.  I got the idea from Mrs. Duffy's Blog  (Letter Matters)!  But it was such a GOOD one,  I just couldn't resist.  As soon as I saw the tea party that was mailed to her from our neighbors across the pond (I do live on the east coast)  in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I knew what I had to do!  

I have always viewed letter-writing as an encouragement outlet for myself.  It is a great way, I think, to brighten another person's  day.   I have a ministry called the "Traveling Tea Party "  where I dress up in Victorian dress , hat, and shawl.... and pack an old fashioned  basket with all of my tea items....and off I go to deliver  a full tea party  to  someone who I think could use a lift...or a bit of pampering.  It is such fun!  But as of late, I have been drawn to the postal route.  When I saw the Tea Party  that Mrs. Duffy got me to think of how I could use this very idea.
I plan to use my Missionary Handbook (CMML) and send a tea party to all of the Ladies in the lady at a time.  I plan to devote a separate page to this, and if you have any ideas of how you have used your letter-writing, or sending packages,etc as encouragement, please share your ideas!

Here is the first Tea Party going out to bless!


Tea Cups and Biscotti
Selecting just the right tea cups to send  (and a bit of biscotti!)

  • Find the right card  (I'll take it to prayer meeting tomorrow night and have the ladies sign it).
  • Write a nice newsy letter to also enclose
  • Oh, I found a variety of tea to send....
The Recipient

Select a missionary from the "Handbook" to send  our tea party to.  This one is going to Zambia ! She is a nurse midwife and  also works in Sunday School.

The packaging

I am going to try the USPS Flat Rate Box.  It is only $12.95, even for international mailing. I just sent an 8X11 envelope  to California...and it cost me $11.88!!!  So this sounds like a good deal to me!

I had  extra room to tuck in a favorite book...

     Lovingly pack your items.  I went to a mailing/packaging store and they told me to use lots of bubble wrap, cardboard and Styrofoam peanuts.  I will be enclosing my email address to the recipient to find out if the package arrived intact.  This will aid me to know how to make improvements...if the tea cups shatter in international travel...I will have to try something else!  Now it is ready to mail.  I applied some cheerful stickers to the exterior of the box...

Now, off to Zambia you go...with many a prayers!  So that is how I am mailing a tea party!
Let me know if you have done anything similar, do you have any tips to share?  Have a great day!


  1. That is such a wonderful idea. I'm sure your traveling tea will be a special blessing to all the missionaries who receive it. The church we used to attend didn't do anything special for the missionaries they helped to support. We're looking for a new home church right now but once we've found one I just may have to steal your idea. ;)
    My mom is in charge of mailing letters (& church bulletins) to the missionaries her church supports. I'll have to ask if they've ever sent care packages like yours. And if they haven't ....

  2. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! I've always enjoyed letter writing and using special pens and finding stationary and or cards. Have a wonderful day! Wendy

  3. I'll have to do this for some of the missionaries we contact for our missionary nights! Plus it would be fun to send to friends!

  4. I keep that tea cup in sight and it still brings a smile to my face :o)