Saturday, May 25, 2013

Incoming Mail!

Roll Call!!!

You may think that I  send mail and never receive any.  That is far from the truth, but I have noticed that I haven't spot-lighted any recently...or ever???   So let me see if I can  correct this seeming  deficiency. Of late I have received  some notable mail...drum roll please!

Oh happy day!  I was a recipient of one of Mrs.Duffy's most coveted and  elegant letters!
We discovered that we had many things in common, isn't that nice? Notice the beautiful ink, and the lovely script.

Jan has an enchanting Style.  I love her use of washi tape.

The GREAT quotes and the beautiful  seal on the back were so nice.

Look at the goodies that she sent!  The card itself  looked so good...I wanted to eat it!

This most unusual post card came from my eldest daughter.  She is a quilter, so she sent me a mini quilt!

She wrote on the back of it --with a  fabric marker?  What a keepsake!

This gem of a letter comes from my mother!  If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you will recall the  mentioning  of my mother's faithful letters.  Well, even though she is a very busy woman...she still finds time to write.  She also writes her grandchildren...mind you, she has 20!  I keep all of my mother's letters...they are tangible tokens of her love for me.

Do you have  a faithful pen pal?  I do.  We have written each other for  about 12 years!  She is another mom of  many, in fact one more than I possess.  But, she still has time to write...and  nice, newsy letters too.  Oh, they are wonderful!  And yes, Sheryl, I owe you a letter!

Finally, I had to show you this most lovely epistle.  My friend Dreama (isn't that a dreamy name?) made this wonderful is absolutely gorgeous.  The letter inside this beauty was just as wonderful.

So there you have it , Blog World!  I do receive letters , thank you all for writing, and I look forward to answering each and every one.   Happy Letter writing!

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