Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mail Artist's Desk...

Mail Artist's Desk...

Ummm... I think there might be a desk top here goodness!  What a mess!  I noticed too, that I am out of rubber stamp cleaner.  So I googled how to make rubber stamp cleaner...and it was just as I can use plain ol' soap and water.  Also, Simply Green by Chlorox, was another suggestion.  For all of my mess, I did manage to get some  creating done.

These are homemade  Kraft envelopes that have been lined with scrap booking  paper.  I use envelope templates from Kreate A  Lope.  Super easy.  I also made some really tiny 2 inch envelopes to use as tuck-ins.  

I just love using my Gelly Roll Moonlight pens.  They work like a paint pen.  I love the fluorescent colors, and the neon brights.  They work well on dark  or light papers,vellum and  are waterproof, so great for useage on evelopes.

Front view
Back view

Spring is in the air here in Virginia... today we were close to 70 degrees,  although we had snow and sleet yesterday! (Go figure!) is time to start thinking of spring and so I worked on these spring inspired  envelopes.

Envelopes are ready.... so now to WRITE some LETTERS!  Do any of you work in reverse like I do?

Write letters...Write often.

Lady Pamela


  1. So cute! I find myself making cards just to have on hand.;) Sometimes, it helps pt me in the letter writing mood.:)

  2. I love your envelopes! so pretty! I've been making my own envelopes lately also. It helps me to plan who I'm going to write to! Have a wonderful week!