Sunday, April 13, 2014

Handwriting Is Linked with Success in Academics

I have long been a proponent of teaching cursive writing to children.  I have been a bit slack on this as a homeschooling mom, but nonetheless, I am a believer!  Children today should have 100 minutes a week of cursive handwriting practice.  This comes out to just 20 minutes a day. Cursive writing ease has also been linked to reading skills, and is highly advocated by the  Canadian Dyslexic Association for children who suffer from learning disabilities and Dyslexia.  I have two sons who have mild to moderate dyslexia so you see I have a vested interest here!

Here is a link to a report on hand writing skills for young children.

Write letters, Write often,

Lady Pamela

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  1. I taught my kids cursive but the boys especially rejected it for printing. Now that my daughter is appreciating fountain pens she is also appreciating and practicing cursive. I can't make a big deal about it because that will put her off so I'll make a deal about it here. I'm a happy mom!