Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy (Birthday) Mail!

Happy (Birthday) Mail!!

I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago to celebrate a birthday.  Here are a few cards I received.

The card on the left was a post card from our State Farm Agent :-o

Truly made me feel loved...agent love that is.  Everyone else texted!  Sniff , Sniff...

But not EVERYONE!!!!!

  1. I love this very domestic Happy Birthday Card from Sheryl!

Along with a package that was very well stickered...on every surface.

Here are my goodies.

We have several traditions going on here...

Sheryl included  a note of explanation of why each gift was included...Thank you Sheryl!

This reminds me to send some Happy Mail to someone...

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

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  1. Hope you had a fabulous day? It was my birthday on Friday and I'm just in the process of getting together my blog post on it all, too!