Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little People Mail

When sending mail to children, it is helpful to remember what it was like to have been a child yourself. What sorts of things did you enjoy receiving in the mail?  I am always on the hunt for small and mailable (meaning sort of flat) interesting items.  I think that a variety of color also helps to add to the excitement. Here , I am using those great zip lock bags I purchased from Dollar Tree (see post:  Frugal Postal Finds).  By the way, these bags are not flimsy...they are made of durable , sturdy, plastic.

This  bit of "Happy Mail" going out to Isaiah.   He is not quite two, but he will not have any trouble figuring out what to do with these items.

Here are the items that have been  included.  Stickers, Squirmies (I'm not exactly  sure  what these do), bubbles, glow stick,a hot wheels car, a super cool finger light (I divided this up between all of the packages--I copied off the instructions and wrapped up one light per package) , a mystery "Despicable Me"  and don't forget the Note  (notice I didn't say "letter"--attention span at 19 months is more on the "note" level.)

We have been having a heat wave here in Virginia.    I decided to cool him off by sending a few snow flakes his way...

Dear Isaiah,
Helloooo there!  Way over in the mountains of Roanoke! Are you doing well today?  I Know you are, because I have never seen you without a smile (exceptions to this might be when you have been poorly treated ;-) )

Aren't we having HOT, HOT weather?  Well, even though the mountains are a tad bit cooler, its still hot!  So, Mimi is sending you a few snowflakes to cool off.

Eating Popsicles (ack!  misspelling!!!) and more Popsicles is an even better way to cool down!

Well, have fun with your "happy mail!" and know that your Mimi and Pops love and pray for you!

Mimi and Pops

Gideon is a BIG brother...mind you he is only 4 but he has a lot of responsibility for only being 4.  He has two little sisters, Tirzah and Chloe.  Charlotte is a little friend who was visiting.  I offer a bit of advice when it might be necessary to yell for mom (who is very pregnant with #4).

Dear Gideon,

I just saw a picture of you with Tirzah and Chloe...eating popsicles!  Yummy!  You have a good mommy to make Popsicles for you!  Do you have the swimming pool up?  I'll bet you are having all kinds of fun!

Chloe sure looks like she had fun in the flour barrel .  She was cute with Charlotte in the pictures!

You have your work cut out for you watching those two!  But, I feel you can handle that.  Remember, if blood is squirting out...or one of them wanders down to the creek...or you see a bear...these are Definites to yell for mom!

We love you,
Mimi and Pops

Boy packs ready to go...

Girly things going out to little friend in Blue Ridge...actually, she is getting to be quite the young lady at age 13.  But can you believe it...I forgot to enclose a note/letter!  That will be going out separately. 

Ready to head to the post office!

So, writing to little people needs to be short and sweet...and chatty, like you were sitting next to them talking on their level. If I am just sending a note, I make sure to always put some type of tuck-in like a balloon, stick of gum, or stickers.  I wish I could say that I was more disciplined in writing and sending things on a more regular basis, but as it stands, right now I am rather sporadic.  I am working on this.

**Mail Challenge**  Send out some happiness to a child this week.  Let them know what the mail box is for!

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. Oh, this is a lovely idea! I send plenty of snail mail to friends & pen pals, but only for birthdays to kids - will do!

  2. Wonderful idea -- get 'em hooked on mail when they are young! (That's what happened to me). Very fun and creative ideas.