Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School Mail!

Did you take advantage of the "Back to School" sales this year?  I was inspired to make  some Happy Mail to send to the little people in my life!

$1 Tote bags...Love the Eric Carlise theme...

Boy Theme contents

More on the Girly side...

A good set of color pencils, pencil sharpeners, and crayons...flash cards, stickers...I have to  pause and laugh here.  The thing that excited my oldest grand was the clear, see through  $1 pencil sharpener.  That just made his day.  He was fascinated with it!

I tucked the handles inside, then used packing tape at the top to seal shut.  Then I put an address sticker on the front, and out they went on their mission to spread some happiness!  I was told that they all arrived safely...even the priority and 1st class arriving on the same day.  I was concerned about the bunch going out to the family with  the 3 grands...usually when I send out packages to them individually they don't arrive on the same day which don't you know  can cause some unhappy littles.  But, YAY for our great USPS!!!!  Folks, we  really do have the greatest postal system in the world.    Just one out of the 5  bags I sent out had a little issue of the packing tape coming off slightly, but all the contents were still intact.  Maybe I should have used a staple or two?

Here is Isaiah receiving his bag.  He is crazy about the Hungry this bag was great for him.

Take advantage of sales...don't you LOVE saving money AND making little folks happy?  Remember, we are on a mission to let the younger generation know what the Post-person's job is all about and what that mail box is for!!

Write letters
Write often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Such fun! Where did you get those cute bags?

    1. I purchased them at Target in their dollar bins. They were perfect for my preschool crowd that I was sending to!