Friday, August 15, 2014

Travel Kit...Letter Writing on the Go!

I have been called many things in my life.  One description is quite accurate...the "bag lady".  I have a bag for the gym; one for church; one for school; one for crochet projects; and one that I call my "to go" bag.  This is a bag that I try to keep stocked with all the things that would be necessary to keep me busy for lets say, waiting at a  doctor's appointment.  I usually have a book, small crochet project, and my letter writing mobile kit.  This bright, cheery, yellow contraption has been my kit for a good year or more now.  It is lightweight, fairly sturdy ,cheap, and has been quite serviceable all this time.  However, it is very thin and I am always trying to push the boundaries by cramming more and more supplies into the where it is quite bulging...and I am quite afraid the side latch, which is just plastic, is about to pop off!  

"Old Yeller" ( aka Yellow)

"Old Yeller"  has served me well this summer in particular.  I dragged it to the airport, also took it aboard the Amtrack.  I used it once on the banks of a creek, and another time  at the beach  .I will take it anywhere I think I might have a spare minute to write a letter.

This kit is able to  hold the basics, stationery, stickers,  stamps, and pens.  But, I have been in the market for a new, sturdier, and of course LARGER kit for some time.  (But one that would still fit in my bag).

This is what I have settled on.  It is very sturdy and probably twice the depth as "Old Yeller".

The inside...

Oh my, a key!  Of course.   To hide all my deep dark secrets...haha.

Things are settling into this new "home" for letter writing on the go.  I have included the following:

1.  Stationery with envelopes
2.  Stickers
3.  Stamps
4.  pens, pencils
5.  small assortment of washi tape
6.  small scissors
7.  glue stick
8.  ink pad
9.  rubber stamp

I will probably have room to put  my pencil bag in as well , which holds a variety of other items such as wax seal,wax, matches,  pens...

It all fits so snugly and in a nice organized way.  And of course the best part about it, it is available! Do you have a letter writing kit that you use on the go?  What do you put in it?

 Supposedly  War and Peace was written by the author  on his morning train commute...when he had some spare moments.  What do you do with your spare moments?

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. I have a similar kit and am always trying to stuff more in than it can hold. (Sigh...problems of a snailmail enthusiast!) What will you name your new kit? Big Bertha? Haha!

    1. great idea!!! I never thought about naming the kit!!! Apt description indeed!

  2. Never even thought about putting together a kit, and now I must have one! Add my knitting bag, diaper bag for the baby, and purse and I'll be a bag lady too!

  3. I am a bag lady too -- and proud of it! I love to have various bags all packed and ready to go -- and always a mail art kit. Love looking at other people's -- thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great idea! I've never seen the clipboard/storage combination. Your new one looks awesome. I'm not good at taking my letterwriting on the go. I always forget things.