Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Mail...Kraft and Black will work!

Here's a bit of snail mail inspiration that I put together!   I am really enjoying finding all of the kraft  stationery items that are available now that it is you know, we snail mailers can find all sorts of use year round for craft tags... bags... envelopes, etc!!!  So snatch them up while you can find them in the discount bins.  Target had a nice offering  of  some of these items  in their Dollar section of the store!  I also got some white!  How long have these cool paper bows been around?  I just discovered them.  LOL.

Now for this Happy Mail.  Often we think of the color scheme when mailing a nice package to someone.  But BLACK????  Why not?  It is a tasteful combination  when put with the kraft, and honestly it can set off nearly any go ahead and use it in your Happy Mail Projects!

I hope everyone had a happy World Post Day yesterday!  Did you send any mail out???

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Lovely. Very lovely. Classic and classy.

    I missed World Post Day? No one told me it was coming. Mail went out though. There's a lone letter in today's out box, so far. Hope you haul in as much as you sent.

  2. I sent 22 handmade invitations to for a bridal shower I am giving Joanna!;)