Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY: Send a Rose...Postally

Last Rose of Summer  Project

I have saved this extraordinary sturdy, pretty, little box for quite some time...probably about 3 years...always intending to use it for a particular project. The project is called the "Last Rose of Summer".Thankfully, I  finally did get around to it!  I had received a beautiful rose once in the mail from  a young pen pal.  The rose was in full, gorgeous bloom when it arrived. This is from where I derived my inspiration for this postal experiment.

I knew I needed to act fast, as winter winds were starting to blow...I have been eying my neglected rose garden for a couple of weeks.  The rose bushes were looking pretty sad, and spindly, but still producing a few blooms.  The instructions I gathered from the web stated  to select only closed blooms to mail.  I found a few tight buds and this one that was about 50% opened.  I decided to give it a try.

You will need a water pick (from a florist) or do what I did and get some plastic wrap, paper towels and some packing material.  I used tissue paper.

I had to cut the stems rather short as the box is not very tall.

Next, you need to wet the paper towel, but not sopping wet. After this, wrap the paper towel with plastic wrap and then secure with a  rubber band.

I wanted to add some type of a tag to it, since I wasn't including a letter  (I was in such a hurry).  This is going to my older sister, one of my heroes!  


You can see that the bunch is a bit too tall for this box, but stems are flexible, so I just curved them down into the box...

made everything snug with a bit more tissue paper...

then wrapped the box up, labeled it , tied it with a string...and off it went.

Important Tips to remember if you send a "Last Rose Of Summer" to a loved one:
  • Pick your rose before it has bloomed.  Tight buds, or just partially bloomed is best.
  • Pick your rose in the morning and mail in the morning if possible.
  • I made the mistake of mailing it today...tomorrow is a postal holiday, so it won't reach my sister for 3 days more!  Think ahead, and try not to mail around postal holidays.
Write Letters. (or in this case: Send Parcels!)
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


My sister, in Texas, texted me a photo today of the Postal Rose which she received today...just 2 days after I mailed it (in the late afternoon!) .  Can we say "YAY! FOR THE USPS?????  She said it arrived in beautiful condition, although the box was a bit wet.  

It is indeed beautiful.  So if you are not under a foot of snow...go out and harvest a rose or two... and Join me in the "Last Rose of Summer" Project 2014 !

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