Monday, November 24, 2014

Mail that will Fly!! Origami Tuck-ins!

DIY:  Origami Mail...Mail that Flies!

I love Origami.  I have been doing the folds since I was 9 years old.  The papers are just so wonderful and papery!  (Did I just invent a word?)  And then  there are so  many styles , colors and sizes to choose from!  

This is not a tutorial on how to fold a crane, but you can google it and find  a host of videos instructing you on making one.  Make sure your crane can fly :-) .


I  love these.  Great for Auntie Mail...Mail that Flies...hmm, I'll find some other uses...
This will be your envelope.  

Get some card stock to make the header of your envelope.

I traced around another header , then cut  it out.

I wanted a colorful label  for my very colorful mail.

I enclosed a note... the letter continues inside...

I included one of my origami cancer ribbons, and of course a spot of tea!

I look forward to sending this through the USPS.  Why not send some mail that Flies...and lift some one's spirits up today?

Write Letters.
Write Often!

Lady Pamela

P.S.  It arrived safe and sound...but I did put a bit more postage  ($1 stamp)  on it than is shown  in the above  photo.  Have fun with your letter writing!

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