Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rainy Days...and Letter Writing

Rainy Days are good for....

Here is a view out of my bedroom window...looking out over our little out building (which is a library!)  It is such a rainy day and the mist hangs gently over the fields.  Does the change in weather affect you?  It certainly does me. Cold , rainy, (or snowy) days just make me nostalgic and I yearn to slow down and enjoy  the experience.  

Shortly after the above picture was snapped, the skies grew even darker, so dark that I decided to light a candle and to begin a letter.

I have found myself a bit behind on of my  I need plenty of rainy days.

And thankfully it rained most of the day!

Write Letters
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. How wonderful....a personal library with writing desk,inkwell,dip pen and candlelight.Seems,the puur-fect setting for the GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL.You are blessed.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Oh yes....I just love these old life IS a novel.,, in so many ways. Keep posted, however, for a book that is in the making...but currently on hold, until my authoress sister can assist me. She promises to do so this summer! Blessings to you as well!

  2. What a lovely desk Pamela, the candle makes it appear as though you are lloking back in time. I love that you have a library out building. I am presently amassing books to create my own library.

  3. Yes, I do love this little desk, but find that I am working at my larger secretary is always a mess! And do come visit me and take some of these books off my hands. Our library extends from inside this old farmhouse to outside...I believe there are 9 ceiling to floor book shelves out in that out building.!!!

  4. Luv your desk and great ideas too!