Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tri-Fold follies...

A Closer Look At Tri-Fold Mail

Here's something that is "hot" on Instagram.  These are Tri-Fold letters made out of card stock.  Most of the ones I have seen are rather large, but I found IG" flatteryeverywhere" post a more size-friendly tri-fold.  It utilizes a 12X12 inch scrap book cardstock cut in half, then folded into 3 equal sections.  Now, my example below is quite, well, off.  The cuttings are not even and looks rather bad if you are a perfectionist...and I am plainly not a perfectionist...but it still bothers me.  But, here it is, in all of it's imperfections.
This is what you see when you pull back the front cover.a crooked pocket (oh well.) I sure you can do better!  I will place my letter in this pocket.

Here the trifold is fully opened.  You could place a tea bag, or tags (pictured in the right pocket) or any other ephemera you can find. Nice for sweet little surprises.  The pockets I made were too small for journal cards, but you could maybe put some ATC sized cards with your own quotes...I love affirming words, don't you?  

When it is folded up, it is an A5 size, so will fit nicely in an A5 size envelope.  I have plenty of those...or I could even make one out of coordinating scrapbooking paper.  Hmmm...I think I will  just do that!  

I hope you will try this project, and send me a picture of it.  I made another version of this, that I will try to post later this week or early next week.  Stay tuned for more SnailMail FUN!

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. I think your tri-fold is so colourful and pretty. I'm going to try making some of these for my letters!

    1. Thank you so much Anna!!!! Send me some pictures of your trifolds!

  2. At this time I write letter as some now called it snail mail. Visiting your and other place on the web. I got my letter with more of a "colorful life" I started to draw a little something on them. At this time I'm mostly doing fruit, and I add a little bit of trivia about the area I'm living at. Or brief statement on the weather.
    So far I'm doing great with the "A month of letters" in morning I'll put two cards and letters (I like to add card to my letters) which will be going to Sweden and Netherlands...Coffee is on

    1. Wonderful , Dora!!! Just visited your site...looks very fun! Enjoy "A Month Of Letters!"