Thursday, April 16, 2015

Send a Party In A Box !!

Happy Mail...Literally!

OK.  Are we ready to get the "Party On" ??  I have a sister who lives quite a distance from me...oh, say...2,100 miles?    I am sorry to have to say, I was not able to attend her birthday.  However, in our family, we have the tradition of extending the days of our celebration.  I had already sent her one parcel earlier this week.  Now for the next one.

First, the box.  This is a 14 X 14 X 14.   You are going to need a roomy box for this "party!"  I went ahead and wrapped the various gifts I had for her and put them in the bottom of the box.  I think that wrapping them in different papers just adds to the excitement.  So, don't skimp here.  Did you know that you can get a really fantastic selection of wrapping papers at Tuesday Morning?

Next goes in the crepe paper.  I had tons of colors left over from a "Rainbow"themed party for my little girl.  I just cut off about 1 ft. strips  of it and dumped it in over the gifts.

Next, come the balloons.  I didn't blow them all of the way up, as I wanted to included as many as I could and with all of the colors, so they are rather on the small side.

I threw in a few party hats...I had lots of different colors of these as well.  Then I just sort of "mixed it all up" with my hands to distribute the balloons, crepe paper and hats.

Next came the gel pens to do a bit of writing on each of the flaps.

Yep!  So true, so true!

I know you can't believe it.  I didn't include a letter.  This little note on the flap was I all included. two sisters are not letter writers, I might get a letter out of them  every once in a great while....sniff, sniff.  Poor me!   But, aside from that, I was in a hurry and just needed to get this project done, so the note on the flap would have to do!

I left the exterior of the box rather plain...with just the  little "warning"!!

I'll let you all know what her response to it was when she gets it!  So there you have it...YOU can send a "Party in a Box" too.   TIPS:  Try to keep the weight careful about the over all weight.   A box of   these dimensions...the heavier it is...the more the $$$$$$.  This one wasn't too bad,  it was only 4.5 pounds, total. The nice thing about  balloons and crepe paper is that it doesn't really add anything to the weight of your box.    Just be careful and watch the weight.

Make someone feel loved, special , and of course, HAPPY today !

Write Letters (or notes on box flaps)
Write Often.

Lady Pamela  
(Saving USPS letter at a parcel at a time!)


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    1. Yes...Certain Birthday Milestones require...let us say....additional attention. I was glad to do this for her!