Monday, May 11, 2015

Pocket Letters....

The Pocket Letter Arrives...

Have you joined the Pocket Letter Craze? It is done by using the base ball card plastic card holder sleeves and creatively placing ephemera and (hopefully) a letter, in one of the pockets! I received my first one from my dear friend, Elaine. Look how cute she packaged it!  I have enjoyed watching this phenomenon grow, literally before my very eyes on Instagram.  It originated with  janettelane  and it has just exploded in popularity.  Check out her web site  or Pinterest to get ideas for your Pocket Letter.

The ingenious thing about the Pocket Letter is that it folds up and fits nicely in a business sized envelope!  Then it can be stored as it is in  a 3-ringed binder.  Everything about it screams:  Clever!  Elaine did an amazing job...Now I just need to find a base ball card page sleeve and get started on one to Elaine.  

What about you?  Have you received any Pocket Letters?

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. Now that's clever! I never would have thought of that.

  2. I like yours as much as I like mine! I'm sad too, because I am highly allergic to the vinyl. My friend, Patty sent me my first and I was so happy I took a chance and made it half way through investigating the first side before I had to leave the room. Wiping down the vinyl does not help. Even worse, I bought sets of pocket letter cards to make at least five sets for pen friends. I tuck them inside envelopes. You are so fortunate.

    Hope you collect an album full!

    1. oh, I am so sorry to hear about your allergy to vinyl. Bummer.You will be able to share your very artistic style apart from the vinyl, I'm sure!