Saturday, July 11, 2015

Camp Mail...and Art Journaling

Don't Forget To Send Mail  To Your Campers!

This one was sent to Matthew...he is actually a counselor this year!  He is leading the Archery and Air Rifle  activities for little boys.  I had to keep this one sort of "manly"  LOL!

This one went out to my daughter who was a camper for the first time at this particular camp...

Back side!
Did I mention that I have been to camp already this summer?  I spent two weeks for the teen weeks at Bethel Bible Campgrounds.  It is nestled or rather perched on the top of a mountain in the Blue Ridge!  Lovely, lovely place.  I decided to take my Bible journal with me...and my water colors. I had never tried to do any water colors in my Leuchtturm 1917 but decided to take it  along with me and try it out.

I have a fascination for colorful clothes lines!  This is a scene of the cabin I stayed in to the left and a storage building  to the right.  That is our cabin's clothesline.

The swing in front of the lodge...and the tether ball set.

My home for two weeks.

This was my first water color.  It is not finished and I am least pleased with this one...but it still depicts the lodge, with the ARC behind it and the  metal bell that rings for meals...and other activities.  As a beginner, you learn by doing.  Don't  be afraid to try!  You'll make discoveries along the way that will  aid you in a future  projects.  I know I learned  so much by just getting out there and trying.  

Anyway, I was pleased with how well the Leuchtturm 1917 handled my water color experiment.  I will be returning to camp in two weeks for my final week at camp....and capturing a few more scenes around the camp.  Don't forget to send YOUR camper some mail.  This could mean the world to them!  

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela