Monday, August 17, 2015

Stationery Fun!

You Can Never Have Enough...

Seriously.  I do not advocate hoarding.  I try to purchase that which I truly use.  Many of the items you see here will be used in give-aways or gifts to others.  I just like to play with them for a bit first.  

These could have been put on my Frugal Finds post...they were all from the Target Dollar Spot...aren't they fun?

Does anyone else out there have a fascination with tags?  Big ones, little ones?  I love them all.

 One of my pen pals sent me a note written on this card, then sent me a blank one so I could send it to a "cool friend".  I like it when we share stationery.  There always seems to be plenty to share, right?

The Craftier, the better.
Crafty Snailmailing!


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  1. wow...very nice...I have never found anything like that at Target....and yes, i love tags too...