Monday, September 21, 2015

Have Mail, Will Travel!

Mail Art On The GO!

I received this most delightful package from my twin sister for my birthday some time back.  Of course it was immediately LOVED.

Have you ever used an aqua brush?  I had not.  But I quickly discovered it's amazing feature of its "portability".  It TRAVELS well!  You see, the shaft screws on and off and hold the water.  This eliminates the need for a bowl of water to clean your brush so all you really need it a bit of paper towel.   I took this set of brushes with me to camp in the mountains this summer, it also went with me on a trip to  the Potomac River.  I now include them in my portable writing box along with a baggie of paint tubes.  

Here was the Thank You postcard I mailed to her.  What did I send her for her birthday?  Agggrrrrrhhhhhh!  I still haven't sent her anything.  UGH!!!  She totally stumps me.  I just don't know WHAT to get her, any ideas?

The Craftier the better!
Happy Snailmailing,



  1. I love mail art travel kits! I am packing up one for myself. Your sister? a twin? And you don't know what t get her? What does she like??? Make her an art kit. Or a kit of something else that she is interested in -- food, sewing, make-up, whatever......

    1. Haha...I DID finally find something for her...after a casual conversation on the phone. Silly me! :-/

  2. Beautiful. And what a clever brush!