Thursday, June 15, 2017

Flipping Out With Flip Books!

This is a good way to flip out....

I guess this is my signature flip book style.  I like it because it is a nice simple project...not overly involved, and something that I can approach without  hesitation.  I usually set aside time to make the skeleton's  and then they are ready to decorate  when I am ready or when inspiration strikes!

Here is what it looks like when unfolded.  I make them all different, none of them are the same.

Ha, ha, I love this rubber stamp!  I know.  Random.   Do you have a collection of stationery, note cards?  I am a huge stationery fan, and miss the days of wandering through the Japanese stationery shops in my youth.  They were so interesting, fascinating and just a wonderland!  This summer , I plan to make a few discovery ventures to the local stationery shops in my region.  What summer plans do you have?  

One last thing!  I am having my BIG , all-store , SALE!  This starts today at 10:00 !  So head on over  to the sale!  Etsy: LostArtRevived 

Happy snail mailing!



  1. I love the "stationery" stamp too! Where did you find it?

  2. I picked it up at the analog store in DC