Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Mail Ideas!

Happy Mail...

Sheryl has had her birthday...and I was a bit late on sending this.  But in Happy Mail is never too late to send something to someone you care about!

Here are the contents  in the box...all snug.  I also included a note card which is not seen in this picture.

First, some letter writing things...a stash of Victorian Trading Post envelopes, Cute vintage note cards, a straw hat rubber stamp (plus another one not shown) and a roll of washi tape.

Since I live in Amelia, VA I try to find something local to send.  This smelled so good!

I made a trip to Amish Land in Lancaster PA, last fall and picked up these gifts to include to her at a later here they are.   A quilted pot-holder, sachet, and more scented soap!
I ended up with some double pointed bamboo needles (she is an avid knitter), and she has a lovely flower garden that she regularly photographs then sends me beautiful note cards that she makes from  her flower photos. And lastly, in celebration of ME taking on-line water color classes, I gave her a box of water color pencils, so she can try her hand at it as well!

Send some Happy Mail to someone today.

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

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  1. Such a beautiful package! I do hope she enjoyed it, though I've no doubt she did. I have just written some happy mail and am off to write more now, as it happens :)