Monday, June 9, 2014

Vintage Mail Art and Illustrated Letter

Twin Love...

This was the first letter I received from my identical twin sister while in college.  In typical twin fashion, she headed to Northeast Missouri State...and I headed to Southeast Missouri State.  We needed our space, and our own adventures...  Part of the adventure was to receive her mail art and her illustrated letters!  I LOVE her quirky style!!!!

Today, I think there might be a few  raised eyebrows at the post office on this one when they ask..."does this contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable ,or potentially hazardous..." politically incorrect now too...

Yes, this was  36 years ago!!!Look at the postage and date stamp!

Mailed upside down...

The Letter... She was late responding to my letter, hence the sand timer...and the aghast look...

No cell phones in this scene...

I don't know what this is all about.. I'd have to re-read the letter...

Math class was confusing????

Field hockey...

Putting some home touches on the ol' dorm room...

P.S,   Don't forget to Write!  We kept up our correspondence the entire 4 years, but this may be the only letter that I have that remains..ugh!  What was wrong with me anyways??  We also sent cassettes back and forth to each other.  She tells me I was always crying (school was so tough being a nursing student!).  Ha ha.  What does a Mass Com major know about tough anyway???

I just sent her a copy of Jennie Hinchcliff's book Good Mail Day  for her hopes to inspire her to start sending  her fantastic mail art once me, of course.  And this time  I will keep it for posterity!

Write letters,
Write often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Another pamela! And what a lovely post. That letter is a treasure. And Jennie's book Good Mail day is a treasure too. I'm sure your sister will enjoy it. I hope she sends you mail art!

    1. Thank you! One can only hope for mail art from her talent reserves!

  2. I've a few letters I kept from my father while I was at music camp, such treasures! I hope your sister writes back , what fun art work!

  3. Thank you , Wendy! Keep those letters-- real treasures!