Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sending some Auntie Mail and other Out-Going Mail!

Out Going Auntie Mail... Sista Mail

Here is some Auntie Love going out to my niece in Texas!  She needs a bit of cheering up.  The postal clerk was concerned about this package "making it" as is.   I thought I would go ahead and try it and see how it does.  Has anyone had trouble with these cello bags not "making it"?

Back View.

Cello bags...

I'm just going to keep me  my fingers crossed.  I'll let you know the verdict when I find out its fate.

Update:  Yes, this arrived safe and sound...without any "envelope".  I sent it through as is and my niece really enjoyed it. 

Here I am sending a bit of  "Sister Love"... a belated birthday present. Unfortunately this package met with the mishap of falling into the hands of a "By-the-rules" postal clerk , who happened to be standing next to the Post Master...who grabbed his  magic marker and started crossing through all of my notations.  He assured me though that, "all of the cool stuff is still there!"  Really?   Oh well.

 It never hurts to send some real "good news"!

What sort of July 4th mail did you send out?   I thought the Chinese fire cracker stamps were appropriate enough!


I had a few more added to this group going out, but they didn't make it into the picture.

I just  recently got back from our 3rd annual Chick Trip...this time to South Padre.  When you go  on vacation, don't forget to pick up your touristy post cards and maps of the area.  

Map envelopes are always fun.  A nice reminder of a pleasant trip.

Write letters.
Write often.

Lady Pamela


  1. Oh, I particularly love those map envelopes - great idea!

  2. It's all so colorful! Who wouldn't be thrilled with mail like that. You remind me that I'm overdue for sending out Auntie love.

  3. Very nice! Why didn't i think of using my fire cracker stamps for the 4th?