Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Sunshine Mail/ Mail Fit For A Princess/ And FINALLY...

Summer Sunshine Mail

It is Summer time... and we are in the thick of it now, being the middle of July  So it is time to send some "Sunshine Mail"  to someone  and add some zing to their day!!  Aren't these colors  cheerful and full of fun??  Mail like this would put a smile on anyone's face!
Summer  Time  Postal Adventures  for Kids!

And because it is summer, my attention naturally turns towards children and activities that might engage them  in postal adventures.   I hope to spotlight several unique activities that  could encourage children you know or have living right under your own roof this summer. These activities will engage the child in  educational endeavors or just plain fun as they explore the world around them. Here we go... I thought I would start out with...

Mail Fit For A Princess!!!

Do you have one living in your home?  I do.  I thought she was just my 10th child...and my 6th daughter...but no, I was wrong.  She's not just my daughter, she's a princess too!  Yes, many of you have a princess or a "princess-wanna-be" living in your very own home.  Did you know that princesses need to connect with other princesses?    Well they do, and this is just the activity  to get your princess connected to another princess at Walt Disney World or Disney Land.  All you need to do is to have your child write to  ANY Disney princess she would like  and include your address, and in approximately 6 weeks  she will receive a picture post card autographed by the princess she wrote!

Excuse these princesses for not being in their Royal Attire, but they had just been in pool...and couldn't find their Tiaras.  We invited two little neighbor girls to join in the princess fun.  They wrote lovely letters.  We had letters going out to : Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Belle (my personal favorite!).

I believe this was these girls (ahem, excuse me, "Princesses") first postal adventure!  They were pros at mail art with all of the princess stickers!

So find your princess and get her connected  postally to another princess! Here  are the addresses in which to send your inquiries:

c/o Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL

Walt Disney Company
Attn:  Fan Mail Department
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA  91521


And FINALLY...  (its coming!!!)

Take a look at my Jane Austen Letter Writing Society  page for details...

I do hope you are all enjoying your summer...

Write Letters,
Write often.

Lady Pamela

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