Sunday, December 14, 2014

Let me tell you about a letter in my Mailbox! Week 4!

Show and Mail Week 4

We Have A Winner!

I hope the winner enjoys the color blue!  I enjoyed working with the blue and silver paper...very festive!

This little guy just had to be included... he said, "I have blue pants!"  Why , yes you do!  So in the stuff you go!

It was a slow week for my would almost think that people were BUSY this time of year or something!  Ha, ha.  Well, me too...I have been a bit slow on the posts lately!   My crochet business is pretty busy right now...and then just all of the hustle and bustle around this time of year.  And does everyone else have so many December birthdays?  We do in this family!

The winner this week is a young mother from Virginia!  Congratulations Beth Nell!  I thoroughly enjoyed her chatty letter...and especially the little notes on the inside of the letter!  Ha, ha.  The bottom note says, "Sorry my envelope is boring!", the top note says"I need to find my stickers!".  Well, there is no requirement for entering this drawing other than writing me a letter.  I love all letters, not just decorated letters!  The letter itself was VERY interesting.  Thank you for writing and I hope you enjoy the goodies I will be sending off tomorrow!

Do you have weeks of slow "incoming mail"?  Don't fret!  Try to take advantage of the extra time for catching up on letter writing, and other mail related projects.  I have been working on a few and hope to share with you soon!  So check back later this week.

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela

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