Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let me tell you about a letter in my mailbox!

A Winner this week...

and a letter of  ENCOURAGEMENT!

Look what this week's winner is getting! But first let me tell you a little bit  about my mail.

I had a fun week of mail...I had several items that I ordered (more on some of those items  in a later post) that came promptly in the mail...some "Happy Mail" from Sheryl...a letter from my daughter...and a Post Crossing from Austria and another (not shown) from Russia!

But just a quick "shout out" for Creatiate.  I ordered a simple rubber stamp...but from her packaging you would have thought I had ordered the Crown Jewels!  Such beautiful packaging...and the rubber stamp was very nice as well!  To top it off...Creatiate is local to me!  I didn't notice this when I was ordering from her Etsy store.  I love supporting "local", don't you?

Have you ever received "Cracker Jacks" in the mail?  this was part of Sheryl's Happy Mail for me...and it did indeed make me happy.  She related a story about her uncle that was always giving Cracker Jacks to her children...fond memories!  He is gone, but Sheryl is keeping the tradition alive by spreading the Cracker Jack Love!!!  Yum!   Thank you Sheryl!

Here was a festive letter, with original art work.  I love the Christmas lights!  Cute!  The letter was so sweet.  Thank you Maddie!

This week's Winner for "Show and Mail" goes to a LOCAL pen pal of mine!  I know that when we usually think of pen pals, we think of far off, exotic places.  But have you ever thought of writing someone who is a close friend and perhaps is only separated by 35 miles, such as Elaine and I are?  We try to see each other a  once a month or so, but sometimes it doesn't always work out.  Elaine and I used to be neighbors in the "city", but with my growing family we made a move to the "country" and there began our "country mouse-city mouse" relationship!  This week she sent her entry for "Show and Mail", and I have selected hers to be our winner!  Congratulations, Elaine!  Now let me explain why I selected her letter.

Elaine sent a one- page letter of encouragement to me.   Have you ever done that?  Have you ever sat down and thought of someone who could use a bit of encouragement?   I do this, but not near enough!  She wrote out a few lovely scriptures for me to meditate on...and I will put them on cards in my planner, so I can see them throughout the week.  It didn't take her much time or effort...but what amazing benefits to the recipient!  I felt blessed just to know that someone was thinking of me and praying for me.  Oh, I know.  We often tell people..."I'm praying for you." or "let me know what I can do for you"...but do we ever follow it up  with a note, or a letter?   

I decided to visit a local store and check out if they had any "encouragement" cards. I found most of these type of cards labeled as "Support" .  Hmmmm....that's new to me, but a good description.

But no...wait....there WAS  a section for "encouragement" and I  pulled this little guy out!  Cute!  Also, you might want to check out "thinking of you" ...I think I saw that labeled as well.

Elaine is getting a brand new copy of  this great Snail Mail classic , Good Mail Day!  Enjoy this , Elaine!  I can't wait to see your creativity go to the next level!

A great read!

Now...go ahead, get a letter off to me in the mail (information in side bar).  Who knows what the prize will be this coming week for my "Show and Mail"!

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

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