Saturday, January 10, 2015

Penpaling...or Geographic mail...

Do You Have A Pen Pal?

I follow Global Pen Pals on instagram and she is looking for pen pals in every state...and then I am assuming she will be moving on to the rest of the world!

Amelia Court House  had to be added to the is where I live!

I promised her a letter from the beautiful  state of Virginia quite some time ago...and part of my New Year's resolutions  was to get caught up on all of my "promises"!  So, I decided to make my letter ...uh...Virginia themed!  Hmmmm....I really seem to be doing quite a bit of  "themed" things lately.

Here's the front of the letter.  I glued the cut out map onto card stock paper and placed 3 sheets of writing paper within...then I stapled the whole thing (with a card stock backing as well) together.

I had so much to a complete stranger, I wrote front and back, and really could have used some extra paper...but I made do with what I had.  Another nice thing about the map was that I could readily refer to places and she could reference the map without having to grab an atlas, or google it.  (Am I the only one that does that??)  I have a feeling I might be the odd one here.

Are you proud of your state like I am,  and are wanting to try this project?  All you need to do is to go onto google images  of your state and print one off and  follow the previous directions mentioned in this post.  Let me know if any one tries this...and send me a picture!

From God's Country;  Virginia!

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. Hi there! I LOVE how you turned the map of Virginia into your letter! Such a cool idea!!! I think I may have to CASE it! ROFL! Does Global Pen Pal have a website? Can you link to her, so that we can check to see if she has something from our state, already? Thanks! :)

    1. I don't think she has a web site, but she does have instagram. I think she would be delighted to receive multiples from states.

  2. How very creative. I love your map letter. So cool!