Thursday, November 8, 2012

Creative Closure!

Did you know that there is  more than one  way to close a letter than just to say, "sayonara"?   Do you sometimes feel like  the closing of your letter is bland, dull, and just missing the mark?  Surprisingly,  there  is help  available  on this very pressing topic!  I have in my letter writing notebook pages printed off  from a  web site called  :  which doesn't seem to be in existence any more.  Those pages contain  694 imaginative, subtle, creative closings to use in letters and that was just the standard closings...there were two other categories that I didn't even   save!  A quick search on the internet, however, will lead you to some other sites which give useful assistance  in this matter.

Here are a few of my favorite:  Fare thee well!  Hasta la vista, baby!  Bubbles of Love...Affectionately yours....  Au revoir..devotedly...It's in your court...Tally ho!...Soonishly....Warmest greetings to all...your obedient servant...and many more!

What got me thinking  of creative closings was a beautiful hand-written letter that was just handed to me today by a very sweet young correspondent.  We are now officially pen pals!  I thoroughly  enjoyed  her letter   and thought that her closing was  one of the best I  had come across  recently.  Anyway , I wanted to share it with you ...
                        " You are one of my fav, best, forever ,amazing, great, wonderful, nice special friend!"

Who wouldn't love to receive such a  sweet  letter like  this  with such a charming closing?


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