Sunday, February 5, 2017

Some Clearly Good Snail Mail...

Here is just a sampling of some recent outgoing...and yes there is some Jane Austen mail in this batch!

I am hoping that this letter made it to it's recipient !  You know, sometimes we just have to push the limits ;-)  I did put extra postage on this one after the photo to pay for hand canceling, however, that doesn't save it from going through the sorting machines.  This was a cello bag with confetti and a few other items of interest, sort of a "shaker" letter!  If it didn't make it, I will  write again!

Have you sent out any "fun mail" lately?  

Send some great mail today,


Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Holiday Revisit To An American Gem

Post Office Pride

Boo!  It was closed the first time I visited.

About a year and a half ago I happened across this little , and I mean quite literally, little post office in Red Wood, Virginia.  I was on my way home from a retreat in the region.  I fell in love with the quaint post office even though I couldn't go in because it was closed .  You can read about it here in a previous post .    Well, lo and behold, that post was read by the Redwood, Virginia  Postal Clerk, Ben C.  This postal clerk  has  great pride in his little post office and sent me a message recently  informing me of the post office  hours , and inviting me to visit again--especially because this darling post office was decorated for the holidays!  Events occurred that necessitated a trip to the area (3 hour drive for me) to visit my daughter.  When I was leaving my daughter's home she said,  "Mom, are you going to try to go by that cute post office?  If so, would you take my cards?"  And so another trip to the cutest post office ever!  

Entering the tiny post office was just as I thought it would be, quaint and charming, a definite "Americana" experience.  The Christmas greenery and twinkling lights were a perfect touch for the holidays.  And behind the counter was a  postal clerk with a warm, genuine smile, welcoming me to the post office.  This was the savvy, social media  postal clerk who knew how to track down a blogger through her Etsy store!  Haha, thats pretty good!  I asked if he was indeed , "Ben" and shook his hand and told him who I was.  You know, I have never been "invited" to visit a post office...but hey, I think more postal clerks should!  These gems are part of the American fabric of everyday life and need to be celebrated.

Ben probably didn't think I would treat him with such celebrity status (as I am snapping away with photos) , but he was obliging.   Look how nice and neat his tiny space is!  I particularly like the "Charlie Brown Christmas tree " behind his shoulder!  Hey, I want to nominate him for something in the USPS!!!  Postal Clerk of the Year???? After I left yesterday , I noticed I had  a message thanking me for the visit.  Let me share his own words:

"...This little post office is kind of a throwback to times that have passed in much of today's world, where as postman I get a chance to really know and share in the lives of the people who come here, and be part of the community--which is what I love so much about working here. Since it's a half-day post office, I work some afternoons in larger offices; but my heart is really here...

Thanks Ben!  I'm glad I got to share in the life of a tiny little post office.  

So, as you are sending out your cards this year, don't forget to thank these wonderful postal clerks who are the first to actually handle these pieces of correspondence that you are mailing...the first human to touch your letters and send them on their way to their final destinations.  

Have a lovely holiday....Merry Christmas to all of my readers!

And drive safely...we don't want any delays to  our mail!

Have a blessed Christmas,


Friday, December 23, 2016

Incoming Snail Mail: Cute Pink Flip Book

Here is a recent batch of incoming mail.  Isn't it lovely?  I love each and every letter.  I am still behind on replies, but I am working on them, steady, steady  (wins the race)!

This delightful letter came with some beautiful stamps, in a clear cello envelope.  Next was the pretty gold foil envelope-- it was like unwrapping a gift under the tree!

What a lovely pink flip book!

Here is the first page flipped open.  Filled with all sorts of goodness and such a pretty pastel palate.

Opening the nest flap  revealed more goodness.

Ah.  The letter.  The "cherry on top"!

Stickers, flower punches, my, my!  I'll have to double check to make sure I have not missed a thing!

I will make use of all these cute enclosures.  They are such fun to use or pass on!

All opened up!

Here is a look at the back of this pretty in pink flip book.  A nice assortment of tags tucked away. 

Thank you for such adorable "happy mail"!  I will definitely be working on some happy mail to send your way as well.  And I hope that everyone reading this has had a lovely day of mail as well.

Don't forget, as Pamela at cappuccinoandartjournal reminds us:  "To GET good mail, you need to SEND good mail. "

So go ahead, send out some "good mail" today!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Customize It ...Please!

My mission...on a rubber stamp!

Hello everyone.  This post is  not related too much to snail mail, but in some ways it is.  So hang in there while I explain! I live in Virginia where nearly every car has a customized license plate, usually telling the world something about themselves.  I can relate to this, especially in the snail mail realm.  I wanted to have a customized rubber stamp that would state my mission and so I purchased this some time ago, to use on most of my Etsy packaging , but I also use it on some of my mail.  I love the special touch it adds to mail going out.

Here is mine--it's  self -inking!  Whoo Hoo!  I believe I got this particular rubber stamp off of Groupon  a year or so ago.  There are so many companies that offer customized rubber stamps...a quick look at ETSY will bring up a good number.  But all that to say, I use this little tool nearly everyday.  

Do you have a mission?  A passion?  Why not put it into words and share it with others?

Write  a letter today,


Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Flip Book : Elaine Mail

Elaine always full of surprises!

Whenever I receive a parcel from my dear friend, Elaine, I know it is going to be amazing.

She has blessed me with a lovely "book quality" flip book on the Christmas theme.  The "book quality"  is due to the fact that she used extra sturdy , heavy cardboard for the front and back pages, so it really does feel like you have a little book in your hand.

But where does she find the adorable charms?   She finds the absolute BEST ones!  I love the little "letter" charm, and of course, I love the "P" and the cool chain tassel. AND THE STAMPS!!!!! Look at those gorgeous vintage stamps from "Christmases long time ago..."  (do you see the effect?  I am breaking into Christmas songs just looking at the front of this!)   Oh my goodness...I just love it!

Here are the first pages...those 3-D stickers on the left are so cool...the are rounded clear shaker stickers!  Some very nice goodies in the first pocket.

A beautiful reminder of the "reason for the season"!  I love the page from a hymnal? Silent Night is one of my favorite carols.

The last page has her wonderful letter. 

The back side is as pretty as the front.  Thank you , Elaine, for such a gift to treasure.  You are so talented!

If you would like to visit  Elaine's Amazing Craft Studio just click on the link!  I did a previous post on her studio and chatted with her about her projects!

Hope you are getting everything done in this BUSY , Christmas season!  Stay calm, drink tea...and of course,

Send some GOOD mail today!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Is There A Washi Tape Addiction Hotline?

                                          5 Signs of a Washi Tape Addiction (OK, make it 6)

Now, of course, I am not referring to myself.  No, never.  But just in case there are those of you who may struggle this area, let us check if we can at least see the warning signs.

1.  You find yourself surfing online Etsy late at night, half awake, half comatosed , for pink flamingo washi tape.
2.  It isn't a coincidence that  your budget doesn't include washi tape...must mean "the sky's the limit".
 3.  You buy multiple rolls of the same tape because, you'll run out and they will NEVER  have that same design.
4.  You're doing a teal planner layout and you must have 15 teal washi tapes to make it presentable.
5.  You need to find hiding places to store your stockpile of washi tape , because you are afraid your husband will see it and wonder why you have so much of it.
6.  But , "I don't have any ice cream washi tape!"

 Any of you who may have ordered from my Etsy Store will know that I love mailing out my orders with lots and lots of cheerful washi tape and stickers.  I feel like everyone should get some Happy Mail now and then, so I try to make it special.  And I am really thankful for all of the great sellers on Etsy that make that happen. Check out Cwlcrafts for a great selection of washi tape! But do  be mindful of the warning signs of washi tape addiction!

Send a letter today, and of course, use lots of washi tape! :-)


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snail Mail Frugal Finds...

Dollar Tree Score!!!!

Ok.  I'm all about FRUGAL finds and I'm sure you are too!  I recently found these  items at the Dollar Tree, and quickly snatched them up.  I love the is so vintage-y, right?   The calendars are nice and have a retro feel, great for envelope making.  The thing about the Dollar Tree is this:  get it when it is there, because the following week it won't be there!

Look at this spring-themed washi tape!  The labels are so!

My last great find at the Dollar Tree was this book that has been on my NTB (need to buy) list!
Don't pass up the book section at the Dollar Tree....they sell NY Times best sellers there for a dollar.  This book is a gorgeous hardback with dust jacket, 463 pages, great photos...retails for $27.50, and I got mine for $1!!!  I can't wait to read it all from cover to cover-- will do over Christmas break.

Enjoy the nice cold blast of ARTIC , Canadian (a nice gift from our friends to the North!) weather that is headed our way!  I find that letter writing is the BEST indoor activity to do when looking for ways to unplug from your devices.  It would be a great time to get a Letter Writing Social organized.  So gather your friends together , ok maybe after the holidays,  and gather supplies and have a great time pumping out letters.  

And for all you lovers of a good deal, ALL of my letter writing kits are ON SALE now through Christmas.  If you purchase a complete kit (excludes the mini kits) you will receive  a free pencil bag/pouch.  You can just message me a description of any of the pencil pouches ( I have more that are not in the picture) in my Etsy store and I will include it in your order.  This is good until the 20th.  

So keep on writing letters.  And for all of you waiting for a reply to your letter that you sent me, it is in the Que, I am working and getting through them.  I will be all caught up by the end of the year, to get my slate clean.

Send a Letter today!