Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Envelope Watercolors...Autumn

The air is cold and crisp.  The trees are losing their leaves faster than I can rake them up, and I find myself drinking hot tea by the gallons... It's time to get out the paints and start dabbling away.  First, I must caution you.  I am a complete amateur, I really don't know what I am doing...but hey!  Watercolor is a friend to all.  I must warn you also, that trying to do any blending on regular paper is next to impossible.  If you try your hand at watercolor (and I completely urge you to do so...) you might find yourself a bit frustrated because if you work on anything but watercolor  paper you will have a big puddle of wavy paper.  So, this is about the best I could do with the paper envelopes I had.  I did find a link to watercolor envelopes, but they were outside of my budget for now.  If anyone wants to go in halvsies let me know!  :-)  

Here is one going out to Sheryl!  The nice thing about pumpkins...they are so naturally irregular that they are very forgiving to budding artists. :) I love the postage on this letter!


 This particular study.... I'm pretty sure that I overworked it a bit.  Ah...there is always next time!

I love this sweet little watercolor birdie with its cauliflower bloom  on it's breast!  haha.  Oh the joys of watercolor!  I think that the postage on the birdie envelope is my favorite!

Here is some of my top pics of  washi tape that I am using right now on outgoing snailmail!

 I do almost all of my work at my desk.  It's not usually so neat and clean, I think I dumped everything onto the floor for this picture  so you wouldn't see how messy I really am.  

Well, I think that wraps up the autumn themed snail mail that I sent out this week.   What are you sending out?

Happy Snail Mailing,


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Add Some Quick Mail Box Happiness With PostCrossing!

Is your mailbox sad these days?  You peer into the metal box....only to find, ugh, junk mail? Well, one way to quickly make that sad little mail box happy again is to sign on to postcrossing.com. 
Be sure to have your international postage on hand.  I have been a member for awhile, although, with long dry spells.  It doesn't matter, you can pick right back up again, anytime.  I have 8 going out right now, all heading to Germany, Russia, and the good ol' USA.  

I had to go online (Amazon.com) to purchase some postcards as my stash is still somewhere in my moving boxes...I still have not found them, but these will do for now.  So get busy and turn that sad little mailbox into a happy one!

Happy Snailmailing,


Monday, November 5, 2018

Well...hello, it's been awhile...

It's been almost a year ago that my "life event" occurred.  My dear husband of 34 years passed away from an illness, and my life took a sudden turn.  My charmed life of a wife, mother to 10 beautiful children and grandmother, now looked different. I was physically alone and making all the decisions.  Facing challenges, duties, and mundane items that I never had to bother with prior to this event. Notice, I said "physically".  I thank God that I serve a Lord that has promised to never leave me or forsake me.(Hebrews 13:5) But still...it has been a year of adjustments...change...and just struggle.  But, slowly one learns what one must do and as Elisabeth Elliot used to say  just "Do the next thing..."!  This simple advice has carried me through the long year and for that I am grateful.  

So many of you have sent cards and letters of love and precious thoughts.....I have so appreciated this.  I tried countless times to answer them...I did manage a few attempts, but I still have several letters that I wrote...never sent.  Finally I submitted to my relegated season of life  and focused my attention on the immediate, the necessary...life.  

I still face new challenges (who doesn't?).  I now use  youtube , not just for pleasure, but how to fix items around the house, and if that fails...I call a professional! But the sun still comes up, and I find myself falling peacefully into bed each night.  Thank you Lord!

All this to say...I hope to get started with letter writing again.  So, first things first...my desk!  This is where it all happens, so I want my supplies at my finger tips...and whatever inspiration I can find.  (More on that later-- it's still a work in progress) .  So here is a picture  (sorry it was taken at night) of my desk as it stands right now.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions about my set up.  Also, if you love your desk and find it to be a happy place for you, tell me why in a comment!

Check back later this week to see my outgoing snail mail!

Happy Snail Mailing.


Friday, September 29, 2017

I've Got The Blues: Snail Mail Flipbook

This is one of my small, simple to make flip books ....you can find more examples of this style of flip book here.  Need some more inspirations?  Try this link...  

Just a few things I put inside my flip book...actually I should probably call them "fold overs"...what do you think they should be called?

Happy Snail Mail Inspiration!


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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This Little Mail Man...Snail Mail Postal Theme

Who Wouldn't Like to receive this cutie in the mail? 

I absolutely LOVED receiving this super creative , vintage postal themed envelope and long, chatty letter. This was from a pal  I met at the DC Postal Meet Up, organized by Global Pen Pal!  Carrie is a great creative talent in the snail mail community.  You can follow her work on Instagram:  
Carriejojo212. She pumps out mail like no one's business, and ALL of it good mail!

Urgent!!!  I needed to get something out to Carrie...and I decided to  continue the vintage postal theme!  I grabbed one of my vintage children's readers and  was thrilled to find a picture of "Mr. Postman"!!   Then I had to get out my post office stamps, and vintage stamps...and here you have it!

And this cute photo  as a pair!  Yay!  We LOVE our post women AND men!

Happy Snail Mailing,


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Friday, September 22, 2017

Hey Girl, Hey...Snail Mail Antics

Hey Girl!

Michele always sends such wonderful mail to me...I needed to get busy. As cappuccinoandartjournal would tell us..."to get good mail,  you gotta send good mail"!  The pressure was on.  The group from the " D.C. Postal Meet Up" are some serious mail artists.  And here I am just doing my cutesie, crafty little thing over  here in my corner of the world...but not these folks. They are into all their cool artistic techniques churning out mail nearly EVERY day.  I'm slow folks. And the pressure was on.    So this is what I came up with for Michele who sent me this GREAT mail pictured below...

Isn't her "stamp head" spot on?  She is just oozing talent in very direction!!  So much fun to receive such great mail!  Thank you Michele.  You can follow Michele on Instagram:  mbcano1.

My son , Benji, went off to camp for a week this summer.  I tried to find something that a teenage boy would not be  too embarrassed to receive.  I think I asked him weeks after he was home from camp (when I remembered to ask) if he ever received the letter... he said, "oh yeah, mom".  Ha, I guess he appreciated it.

Have fun with your outgoing mail...put a smile on the postal carrier's face!


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Incoming Stationery Haul....

Parcels are so much fun to receive, right?  

This nice big envelope arrived in the mail from Global Pen Pal.  (And I have NO idea why her cute envelope is upside down in each picture!) She was so thoughtful to send me her nice de-stash of stationery.  

For those of you not familiar...this stationery comes from the Victorian Trading Post.

I try to send "global" themed mail to Global Pen pal whenever I can.

And of course...a letter also!  Speaking of which...If you have written me, I am attacking my pile as quickly as possible.  More posts coming on YOUR beautiful snail mail!

Happy Snail Mailing!


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