Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter writing Enclosures...Ideas!

The "Cracker Jack" Prize...for letters!!!

What do you like to tuck  into your letters?  I call them little enclosures.  Over the years I have received or sent book marks, mini-cards with encouraging words on them, photos,  interesting  articles,  recipes, tea bags, just about anything flat that would go through the mail in an envelope!   I guess  I would liken it to the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks , or a box of cereal....not essential, but nice... just another thing that says " You're special to me...let me add just one more thing!"

My all time favorite enclosure is  pressed wild flowers.  I love wild flowers.  Bachelor Buttons , if I had to pick are my favorite, but they are all so lovely I hate to pick!  I routinely pick flowers to press between the pages of my Jansen &Jansen art History book (I think this is the heaviest book that I own!) .  This is perfect for pressing flowers.
                                              These are all that I have from last year!  But see how nicely some of them retain their color??

Recently I came across a great sale at Walmart.  Their dollar bin items were 10¢ each!    I quickly grabbed fistfuls and made quite the haul . I might add that the cashier was very sweet about having to ring up everything...separately...all 113 items! These goodies will find their way to cheer someone soon inside one of my letters. Do you make use of enclosures in your letter writing?  If so , let me know!

So keep an eye out for interesting items that could possibly put a smile on someone's finding the prize in the bottom of the Cracker Jack box!


  1. what a wonderful idea! I always press flowers so this will be a fun way to brighten someone's day.

  2. Wow, you're amazing Mom! And I need to include more things in my letters!

  3. The flowers are beautiful. Hints of color gives them an ethereal quality.

    Where do you live? LOL. Dollar items for a dime? What a bargain.