Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter Writing : Organizing our tools!

Taming the Rubber Stamp Chaos!

I had a mess.  A really BIG mess.   Somehow I manage  to always be in a rush when I am  working on letter writing...mail art, etc.  Hence...things get tossed  into whatever drawer is convenient  when clean- up time commences. When cleaning out one of  my 12 drawer organizer stands , I started noticing that I had lots of cling rubber stamps  but that I rarely used them.  Many of my clings have never even made it out of their packages.  But they were mounting  in number because of the wonderful sales I kept finding!  I made a mental note of it...and decided that I needed to get them organized in an easily  visible, and inexpensive  way.

That's where Walmart came into the picture.  I  was perusing the office supplies, as I usually do from time to time, when this caught my eye:

It doesn't really have a name, except for organizer. It is plastic with a comb binder.  It contains  3 pages with 8 clear 1/2 size  pockets on each of the pages (front and back) and on the inside cover, and back inside cover.  The pages are  clear and open at the top and the bottom, so you could slide things into the pages.  

I placed a piece  of heavy paper inside each of the clear pages, so that I could see clearer my clings on both sides of the pages.  Does that make any sense?

I have those cute small sets (upper left) and  I have larger sets as well.  I am able to get about 20-25 sets depending on their sizes per notebook.

These larger sets fit nicely.

For the price ($3.88--or close to that) I think it is a good buy.  The smaller sets will  move around a bit, but not too badly.  I have seen stamper stores that sell the cards to put clings on...but they are quite expensive.   This is a price I can live with.

Hopefully  now that my  cling  stamps are a bit more  visible to me, I will find myself using them more, and not purchasing doubles...which I have done!  Ugh!  In a future post I would like to share how I manage my supplies and would love to hear your ideas and solutions as well.

Happy letter writing!

Lady Pamela


  1. That's a really good idea and what a nice stash of stamps you have. Enjoy them!

  2. Excellent idea! Now if only I had more of the cling-type stamps instead of mounted ones. :-)

  3. Great idea! I'm starting to get more of the cling stamps and this is perfect for storing, I to tend to toss in a drawer!