Sunday, March 30, 2014

More transparency in Letter writing/packages!

Sending Happy Mail

Don't you just love this transparent box?It holds endless possibilities!!!!  In a previous life, it held my new stethascope and Sphygmomanometer (BP) kit.  Boring...yawn...sniff, sniff...

It is a very large size, about the size of a small/medium shoe box!  I've been dying to use it!

First a bit of sticker work and washi tape... and since I have a pink theme going on... a Pink  breast cancer sticker/label.

Time to stuff it with goodies...this is going to a girl from our church who is studying to be a PA in Florida.  It has been a stressful time for her, so it is time for some Happy Mail!  I have included all sorts of silly items for her to just de-stress , and just forget about textbooks...even if just for a few moments!

Don't forget the confetti!

And this  package wouldn't DARE go out into the postal world without a newsy note, or better yet...a real letter! ;-)

Ready to mail!

If this sort of packaging appeals to you , as it does to me, then start keeping an eye out for some of these clear plastic containers.  They make darling packages!  I was just at a wedding yesterday and helped with the clean up.  I found two small ones in the trash which I quickly rescued.  Many electronic devices come in these sort of packages as well.

Send some Happy Mail today!

Write letters, Write often!

Lady Pamela
Saving the world from lack of letter at a time!


  1. I found a large plastic Easter Egg and the front is clear! Can't wait to fill it and take it to the post office!! Will keep an eye out for boxes like this. Thanks for the ideas!!

    1. Sounds perfect for some Happy Mail!

  2. Sounds perfect for some Happy Msil!