Saturday, July 19, 2014

Can You Spy the "REAL" Mail?

Thank Goodness For REAL Mail!!!

Do you see IT?  It is there, and it is undeniable!  Peeping out  among  all the other "junk mail"

This appeared in my mail shortly after I arrived home from my Annual Chick Trip to South Padre Island.  Yes, notice the beach theme going on there?  This is from my older sister who is not too sure about  this Mail Art "thing".  Ha, ha.

Turn over this rather large  hand made envelope (from a grocery bag turned inside out!) And what do you know?  It is a reference to ME!  That there is my foot...and next to it is a pesky crab.  The crabs down at South Padre took a real liking to me in the water.  So much so that I got myself to the nearest beach store and bought some "crab-stomping" shoes.  She had enclosed a  Texas map for me so that I could make my map envelopes.  That made me very happy.  

Because my sister was so thoughtful, I was able to make my vacation envelopes!

Here is a picture of those super-duper "crab- stomping" shoes! 

I love that my older sister writes me.  We have just recently started to be more intentional about this.  We have so many things in common... it is so easy to write her!  Do you write any of your siblings?  It may take awhile , but once they start receiving some "real" mail, they too might get  a hankering to send some out as well.  I was really thrilled with the effort she put forth here!

Write Letters.
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. I think it is wonderful you and your sister are writing letters. The letters are treasures to wrap in a ribbon and read and re-read. And the map envelopes are cool. My mom and I wrote letters t each other for years and I saved them all. I love having them now that she is gone.

  2. Yes, they really are treasures and I feel so blessed that I have a strong letter writing relationship with both of my sisters and my mother. This entire blog started (blog post titled: How it began) because my mother's frequent letters started to diminish slowly because I wasn't writing her back! It really got me to thinking about letter writing and thus the blog was born!

  3. Just adore the map envelopes (what a great idea!!)

    1. Yes, I love maps. I am particularly .to the cheesy "tourist maps" which cover smaller areas and are more cartoony. Those are fun to turn into envelopes. See my post on Chick Trips