Saturday, September 13, 2014

Letters as History: Baby Mail


My mother recently unearthed this most unusual letter... written to her father,  my grandfather.
My mother was  (and still is) a great letter writer, but she seemed to be a bit surprised that she had written this letter to my grandfather!  

But the news was just too great not to pen a letter...she wanted my grandfather to hear it straight from her about the surprise birth of  her TWIN girls...This was written 4 days after the momentous event...I suppose she had finally recovered from the shock of having 2 as opposed to 1 baby.

She had lots to say about these amazing twins...

Did you notice that she used the word "perfect" in describing the twins?  Oh and yes, we were a bit large for twins  as well...

There is a funny story about this picture.  My parents took us on a visit to Memphis when we were about 5 weeks old to visit my grandparents.  She  had my grandmother helping her when she took us to the photography studio (I might add,our one- and- only time after this experience!).  She needed 4 hands, that is easy enough  to understand .  But what they didn't anticipate (and neither did the photographer!) was that we (the perfect twins)  were unable to hold our wobbly heads up for more than a moment at a time...and of course we would flop our heads alternately so as to almost drive the photographer  batty!  He almost despaired in getting a decent shot of us.  I'm sure when the opportune shot finally arrived, he was glad to shooo the four of us out of his studio, wringing his hands and muttering under his breath, "never, never doing twin babies again!" 

Just a thought here about letters as history.  What IF my mother had not taken the time to write this letter?  There is much written here that is of interest.... particularly to me, my twin sister, my children and my grand children...etc. etc!  But in order to preserve needs to be written down.  So why not make some history today by writing a letter about some family news.  Then, hopefully the recipients will  SAVE these letters.... tada...History made!  Thank you mom...for saving all of the letters that you have saved.

"Letters ought to be like babies...plump!"  (one of my favorite letter writing quotes!)

Write letters,
Write often,

Lady Pamela


  1. That is soo special!!! I would love to know what the whole letter says...and learn more of these perfect twins! :) No matter how many times I hear the story of the surprise twins, it never ceases to amaze me!