Monday, September 15, 2014

Postcard Romance...1907 style!

Letters as History:  Vintage Postcards

Treasure Hunt...Vintage Postcards... and what they said!

These boxes were mentioned in my vacation post. Oh, if I had only had time to go through both shoe boxes... but  I was hopelessly being rushed.

The postcard covers were all of  such a wide variety (airlines, businesses, travel destinations... educational institutions, etc.)  Oh!  So much history on these photo postcards.

Ahhh....but the "B" side...or the Back side!  Oh what a world of epistolary mystery!  Each little postcard contains just a snippet of the poster's world.  Several of the postcards had the stamps placed upside down.  Now in the Language of Stamps that would mean...don't write me.  However, I don't believe these folks were following the Victorian stamp language.  Probably just absent mindedness,  But , then again...maybe...

This card was a  an interesting airline photo...but whoa!  Look at the back!!!

This message is such a hoot!  Do you think that Evelyn heeded  the advice given to her by Joseph?  So curt, short...sort of scary!  Yikes!

This was a super romantic card.  Just look at that picture...doesn't it just ooze love and romance?  Alice must have been some gal!

Look at the beautiful penmanship.  I love the use of a fountain pen here...or maybe this one was made with a dipping pen.  Either way... very romantic.. 

Oh....this just moves my heart.  

Dearest Alice,
I haven't forgotten you--much to the contrary.  Trust it is likewise with you.  Oh if you only were here, especially  in a night as shown on the reverse side of the card.  See you Monday, dear.
Ron (or is it Don?)

I for one haven't done very much with postcards.  First, they are difficult to find and usually only available  at tourist locations.  I have started to get into the habit of purchasing them when I am out of town, but then I get railroaded when I don't know where the local post office is located.  Therefore, my cards never get sent when  I am on holiday.  I was discussing this with a pen friend who just recently  sent me  a postcard from Vermont, I believe .  I told her that I would probably  just start sending them out from my home...they are still interesting, even if not dispatched from the location of origin.  What do you think?  Do you send postcards?   Why not do as I have just done and make a visit over to the Post Crossing site and join  it   like I did to make a little postcard history yourself?   Who knows...maybe one of our postcards will wind up in a shoe box in a thrift store  100 years from now...and cause  amazement, wonder, and magic  in someone else's life!

Watch out Germany!  My first 5 postcards are to you!

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela

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