Saturday, September 27, 2014

Out Going!

Here is my most recent outgoing!  I have a few techniques going on here...

First, this is a vellum envelope.  I call this "inside out art".  
I like the cool stamp too... This was my last one on the sheet.  :-(
A side and B side.  The number "5" is significant... silver metallic wax seal

Home made Kraft envelope with Washi tape, word stickers, moon jelly markers, and a bit of glitz and glamour,,,the crystal stickers, and  rubber stamps.  I always get a bit afraid  (when I don't pay the extra to have them hand stamped) that it will get stuck in the mail sorting machine and get all torn up..then  I envision  the tattered remains delivered  to the recipient in a clear postal baggie. All for the glitz and Glam factor...

A side and B side

Home made envelope (manila craft paper) with scrapbook paper cut outs, word stickers, vintage stickers...

 This is also another home made envelope, vintage collage, mod podge, washi tape, rubber stamping, word stickers.

A side and B side.

That's it for now!  Hope you are enjoying your letter writing adventure...remember, make it FUN!

His sayings are generally like women's letters; all the pith is in the postscript--William Hazlitt

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela


  1. The clerk at the Post Office told me that even though they hand cancel a letter, it still goes through the machines. One is only paying to have the post mark put on by hand; it still needs to go through all the sorting machines. Something new I learned!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I did not know that! Hmmm....I don't think that I will ever pay the additional $.40 ever again then!

  2. You really inspire me! Thank-You!

    1. Thank you Anna! Hope to see you again , sometime in the near future!