Friday, November 28, 2014

Minty Mail...Out- Going!

Let Me Tell You About A Letter in My Mailbox... (Week #2)

I am hoping that this week's winner enjoys mint green!

Here it is being packaged to go all the way to...

India, Kolkata, specifically!  Congratulations Sarah!

I loved how she opened her letter... "As soon as I saw your letter writing challenge, I grabbed my pad of stationery to get to work!"

Sarah and her husband  (who are newlyweds) are spending their first year of marriage in Kolkata, India.  Sarah is a RN who is working at the Kolkata Rescue Mission as a volunteer.  Look at the lovely stationery that she penned her most charming letter!  These pen and ink drawings by Samir Biswas of 1982, depict local scenes from Kolkata.

Beautiful...and so interesting!

And another one!  Thank you so much , Sarah,  for writing me a letter.  Your package will be in the mail today!

I have received a comment from a friend in Japan saying that he wouldn't qualify for  this weekly contest because of his international status...NOT SO!  This is open to anyone who writes me a letter.  I arbitrarily select one winner from my mail bag...but everyone will get a response from me.    It is my little way of encouraging you to write a letter.  So, go have time to get something off to me...

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. How fun to get a letter from India!

    1. Yes! It was sweet! I enjoyed mailing off a packet TO India as well!