Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Letter Writing, Correspondence , Organization 101

Let's Get Organized!

Do you find that it is difficult to keep track of your correspondence?  I have found several letters that I have not replied to, much to my chagrin!  My goal is to find any unanswered letter and get off a good reply, and hopefully be restored to their good graces, before 2015 hits!   But what can I do to keep track of my letter writing and be more responsible?  I am a PAPER person.  Is that any wonder?  I love letter writing, post cards, swaps...I love tangible things.  Sure.  I use my iphone for some items...but I am finding that it JUST DOESN'T WORK for me.  So I decided to go real old school,,, a ledger. Yep, it isn't pretty, but maybe I can pretty it up  sometime.  

Right now I have divided up my ledger into the following categories:  General:  Incoming/Outgoing.  I have devised a rather primitive key...

Lots of incoming on this page...mainly CC (Christmas Cards!)

This is my PostCrossing category.  It is nice to see what cards I have sent and received.  Also helps to see if I have registered the cards.

I recently joined Swap Bot!  I am working on getting a good rating score, so I need to be extra diligent on following through on my swaps.  So far...so good.

Another category I have started is my 50 State Post Card exchange for my Geography class. I have received a few cards, but haven't sent any because I still have not received the list of addresses.  I have contacted the coordinator , but to no avail.  I will persist!  

There are other systems out there, one that Mrs Murphy's Mailbox Magic had that utilized a card file system, but I can not find it on her site anymore,  perhaps you can find it elsewhere.  It might be a system that suits you better than a ledger system. Or computer systems...excel?  Use what works!  I will try to give you an update from time to time.  Of course systems only work , if they are used.  What do you use to keep track of your pen pals, and other letter writing correspondence?

Write Letters,
Write Often....and stay organized! ;-)

Lady Pamela

1/2/15  Update on Mr. Ledger...He got prettied up!  Quite an improvement, wouldn't you say?


  1. Keeping track of mail is so difficult! I use a spreadsheet to log all of my incoming and outgoing mail. Unfortunately, my spreadsheet doesn't show if I have replied to a specific letter so I just keep stacks of letters that I need to reply to. Once I've replied to a letter, I put it away!

    1. Yes, I think one must use some sort of system, or you just run into problems! Spread sheets...good. I also have tried to keep incoming into one basket for the month. Also, I store letters when they are replied to.

  2. Love your legend/key for your letter log. I somehow misplaced my letter log in our move so need to start a new one & will definitely have to incorporate your key idea. I'm still tweaking my bullet journal but hope to include my letter log & book (TBR) journal with it somehow (maybe a Midori-type book?).

    1. Sounds good , Jan. I would like to see what you do with a Midori styled journal. Have you posted anything on planners or other organizers? Loved your bullet idea!