Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stamp Love and Outgoing!

Are you a  Philatelist?

Do you enjoy the hobby of philately?    Are you a philatelist?  Haha, for those of you unsure of this vocabulary , philately is the collecting of stamps and other postal matter  as a hobby or an investment 

When I started this blog almost 5 years ago, I was like many.  I bought the first stamps that the Postal Clerk offered me....those dreaded "Liberty Bells" or the latest "USA Flag" stamps.  Ugh.  But when I realized what amazing works of art are offered on postage stamps, I changed my stance.  Now when they ask me if I need any stamps , I reply: "Why yes!  Please show me what you have that is PRETTY or INTERESTING!"...then they get that look like , "Oh man! Really?????".  Then out comes the HUGE 4 inch binder that has all of their stamps and they ask me to step aside so they can help the next patron.  I like that.  That gives me time to just go through the stamps and pick what I like!

Your stamp purchase is an important part of your envelope!  Think of it as  adding a huge bit of interest to your letter.  Many are actually works of famous art, so it is really an education.  I spend quite a bit of time enjoying the interesting stamps that come my way.  

I must say...I do love the holiday stamps that are out right now!  THUMBS UP ! USPS!!!  

Here is a closer look at the Gingerbread Houses stamps!

And I just love these sweet stamps!  I don't know who the illustrator is , but I love this style!  And, of course I am from Virginia...and the cardinal is our state bird!  I also grew up in  St. Louis and there again, I love the Cardinals. :)  Also, bird feeding is one of my all time favorite hobbies in the winter...I have had up to 7 male cardinals  at my bird feeder.

Here is some outgoing!  3 cards to Germany, and 1 to Russia for Post Crossing.

Things are slow here postally for me, do send me a letter!

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

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