Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snailmail to carry you through the winter!

Letter Writing Tales from a 1920's Home...snowed in!

I don't know about you...but I'm cold.  Really cold.  I live in an old 1920's farm house which refuses
to stay warm, even with all of our attempts!  But...with a mug of hot chocolate and some cheery stationery...I think I might actually make it through this wintery winter.

Yes...that's a RED ROOF!  Haha...the sweet little farmhouse that refuses to stay warm.

This is Expresso who is coming with me to check out the mailbox.  This is her first winter and she loves the snow!  She is such a cutie.

Here is my completely DRAB mailbox!  I am open to DIY suggestions for fixing this problem.  Send me Pins, websites, ANYTHING that will help me !  You know that a mailbox is a house for all my precious letters.  So, it goes to should be GRAND!

What about this cheery , vibrant stationery that I picked up at Walmart a few years ago?  Doesn't this turn your thoughts toward spring...and hope?

Here are some other "fun" things that I have found recently that I find very motivating...all that "sparkles and shines"

Oh, and before I forget to tell you....I am going to be having a GIGANTIC  GIVE AWAY very soon.  I will be posting it on my instagram feed, but I will give you bloggers a heads up so you can have a good chance as well! You might want to just go ahead and follow me on my instragram  right now...the  tab for this is located on the upper left hand side of this site.  Here is my instagram feed: lostart_revived.  See you on instagram...soon I hope!

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela



  1. My mail box is also drab. I walk and more I see mail box now question ends up being "So many pretty box and now it ends up with to many choices" But I wonder if there is a site of reading old letters and I found this site.... ...I googled the term "old letters"...Coffee is on

  2. Hello Dora! Thanks for your comment. I will definitely have to check out your old letter web site...sounds interesting!

  3. Hey! Am crazy for that red roof! Wish we had one. A red door would be nice too.

    You can do some fun things with that mail box. I'd paint a hand opening it, or a hand holding out a letter for the mail man. Now I want a real mail box instead of the tacky clusters we have.

    Good luck on your giveaway!

    1. Hey there Limner! Thanks for the great mailbox ideas! I'm going to make this a spring project and let everyone see what I eventually do with my drabby little boxy!