Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Mail...And a Postal Themed Book for Children

I recently received this package of Happy Mail!  Who wouldn't enjoy a pair of aloe infused warm socks...especially after a winter we have had?     But what caught my eye, after the cool Lettering Tips book (I am always building my library of calligraphy!), was the little children's book.  I am an incurable  book hound.  I collect out-of-print children's books...but this particular book had added significance!
Look!  It is a postal themed Peter Rabbit book by Beatrix Potter and with Beatrix Potter's own dear illustrations.  It has miniature letters in tiny envelopes on each page for a total of 14 little letters.  So adorable!  What a wonderful way to introduce children into the love of letter writing.

Here is one of the pages.  Oh.  What a treasure.  Be sure to pick up a copy of this dear little book and give it to a "little person".  We  need to inspire the next generation too.

Write Letters,
Send Happy Mail
Read Postal Themed books,
and Write your letters often!

Lady Pamela


  1. What a wonderful book :D The book looks very lovely.
    In Germany we have a similar style book. It's ~Letters from Felix ^__^

  2. I wonder how many younger people hand write letters. Some education system is removing penmanship, mostly crusive.
    I belong to a few pen pal groups and notice there some younger people looking for pen pals. But it got me wondering if there letters are type.

    Coffee is on

  3. Love it- what a wonderful gift. so very sweet! I am looking the books up on Amazon now!@!@ Hope you are having a wonderful day- I am at work but i started writing you back last night- a work in progress...hahah Have a WONDERFUL your blog!