Friday, March 20, 2015

The Process of Making Mail...

Music Mail

This little snail mail project started out with some music themed wrapping paper.  Then I decided since the paper was so thin that it needed a liner.  Now , don't inspect too closely because it is dreadfully crooked.  Stop it!  I said, don't look  ;-)  Then,  that liner set the theme for my yellow accent color.  So I gathered a few  journal cards that would fit the bill.

For this letter I got my dipping pen out and worked on my Spencerian Script and flourishes.  I thought that I would top off this little letter in style.  This is one of my favorite wax seals.  It is a feather quill pen with an ink pot.  So appropriate!  A doily and some twine  also seemed in order here.

I decided to add a spot of tea to my letter and I found this little "hello" dot banner which was left over from another project.  And I had some left over liner scraps that I used up with my punches.   This letter is coming together!

I didn't want the little dot banner to get messed up, so I put it in a little cello bag.  Now it was time to get it all into the envelope.  I looked around and found  that I had recently purchased some colored tags.... ahhh....perfect!

So on goes the yellow tag with a bit of washi to secure it better and some yellow dot stickers.  I love the stamps.   This was a fun project that just kept evolving.  It is going to someone very special.  Bring some music , happiness, or just a quick note to  into someone's life.  You may never know how it will speak to another or lift them up for the day!

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela