Friday, March 13, 2015

Vintage and not so Vintage finds...

Snail Mail Tools...

I love when I find a product that is just right.  Here is one, if you like vintage sort of embellishments for your snail mail adventures...or perhaps journals... you might want to give Littlejenstore over at  Etsy a look.  I was very pleased.  It took a little bit for delivery (ships from Hong Kong), I had forgotten I had ordered it.  But it arrived safe and sound.

I purchased two sets.  Most of them are perforated for the individual stickers.  Some of the sheets are not perforated, but could be used with punches.

Here is some ways I have used these cute stickers  on some of my envelopes recently...

Don't forget the B-side!

 And here is Miss Piggy...Vintage style!

Oh, I do love Mr. Rooster!

Write Letters,
Write often.

Lady Pamela

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