Friday, May 1, 2015

Lydia Mail...

A Tri-fold Pocket Letter

This is my Tri-Fold Pocket letter, that is more like a wallet.  It is made from a 12X12 piece of scrap book paper that  you fold up from the bottom to make the pockets.  Washi tape is used to  made the pocket divisions.

This is my Tri-Fold Pocket Letter, that is more like a wallet.  It is made from a 12 X 12 piece of scrap booking paper that is folded up from the bottom to make the pockets.  Washi tape is used to make the pocket divisions.

But first things first.  The Letter.  This is to my daughter Lydia who lives several states away.  For her letter I decided to use graph paper for a change up.  She is my theater major, so I went ahead and illustrated the letter a bit, for extra flare.  

After the letter I started scrounging around for my green, orange, red, and pink items to include in the pockets.  After everything was arranged...

I took a piece of my Dollar Tree Frugal find, Ribbon, and tied it all together.

The flower you see in the left pocket,  was made by using this tear drop punch.  I glued the pieces (large ones underneath, smaller ones on top) and glued to a 3/4 inch circle  made with my punch.  I put a hole in the center and used a tiny brad in the middle.  You can use a pencil to curl the flower petals so they appear to be 3-D. 

I know.  This is a repeat of photo # 1. I'm sorry that  I don't have a picture of it in the envelope.  But let me tell you what I did.  I purchased some lip and tuck clear  cello bags off of Etsy and used it to be my envelope.  I placed about 5 stamps on it because it  had to go parcel rate.   I used a label for her address.  It was fun using the clear cello bag for mailing.    I am also using this method quite a bit for my Bi- Fold Pocket Letters.  Yay!  The best part arrived safe and sound and my daughter found it on her pillow when she got home from an exhausting day...(thank you mom/Grandma!).  She said it was just what she needed at the end of her day.

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. What a nice mom! Everything about this is lovely. <3

  2. Oh yes, we mommies of college aged students must go the extra mile!!! :-)

  3. Oh this looks fabulous! And I love the idea of a cello bag! Will have to give that a try! :)