Saturday, June 6, 2015

It Happens Once A Year!!!!

It's My Birthday!

This is a late post....but I had a marvelous birthday yesterday!  Thank you to EVERYONE who made it such a blessed day!!!

And Yes...I am entering the planning you like to PLAN?  This is my Kikki planner and do I ever have fun with it.  I have had it since the beginning of the year and if I wouldn't treat it so much like my craft toy and more like what it is intended to be....I just might get MORE use out of it.  But, hey.  Baby steps, right?  I am at least moving in the right direction.  I am hoping that I can just try to stay somewhat consistent with it.  I am determined! does a planner fit into the letter writing world, you might ask?  Well, I've given this considerable thought and concluded that it is a written record of ME and what I do  (or don't do) each day.  Sometimes I put down personal thoughts and musings.  I treat it as a planner/diary/ and here is the important part...a "Letter to myself".  I will archive each year into a box and actually have a day by day record of what I have done.  

What about you?  Leave a comment below if you have a personal record of your life.  

Write Letters (to yourself)
Write Often (daily--if you can!)

Lady Pamela

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