Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outgoing Austen Mail

Uses for paper bags...

This is a paper bag envelope.  This particular print really lends itself to "Austen Mail", don't you think?  Lace, silhouettes, and vintage prints all seem to beckon to a by gone day.  Except, we can make it a daily part of our lives with just a few supplies and  inspiration!  And while you are at it, try to include a few of your favorite  Austen Quotes

This  envelope is a vintage print bag I purchased off of Etsy.  I used my scallop punch and made the folded edge pretty.

You know me by now...I just have to finish off a letter, particularly Austen Mail...with a wax seal.With the doily, red velvet ribbon and wax seal I had to enclose this envelope in a cello bag envelope.  I'm sorry I do not have a picture of it in  its cello bag.  I also had to remove this stamp and place it on the outside of cello bag.  The Postal Clerk was so sweet.  She looked at this work of art and I guess felt that a metered postage stamp would mar the appearance , so she figured out how many stamps would need to be affixed....AND she asked me if I was interested in purchasing any other stamps....(oh yes, I always do!) so she let me look through the giant 3-ring binder...mind you there was a line of folks behind me.  I love the USPS!!!!!

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. Such a beauty. It reminds me of vintage wall paper. I am fond of pretty paper bags; they make prettier envelopes, like this! You make me want to try doilies now.

    I ordered a bunch of new stamps online. Our post office is tight fisted when it comes to buying varieties and quantities, but choosing postage is so much fun.

    Write on.