Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh, Miss Jane !

...And a sneak peek into the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society...

I recently received a very unusual gift from my daughter...a doll!  But, not just ANY doll, no, no.  This happens to be none other than a Jane Austen Doll!

Look how cleverly packaged it came!  Book lovers of Jane Austen will enjoy this unique packaging.

Well, here she is , decked out in her regency finery!  Her accessories were her quill and her novel.

I enjoyed the "background scene" which was included in the box.

See?  She is gong for a stroll at Longbourn!

OK, OK.  So why the post on Jane Austen?  You know me...I hate to have a post here on my blog that is NOT Letter-Writing related!  So I thought  that I would give you a peek into what it going on behind the scenes of the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society!  It is about to "happen"  Please take a look at what is coming your way!

Here it is!  This is the official Jane Austen Letter Writing Society Kit.  I know it is a mouth full....but it is sooooo WONDERFUL!!!!  It is so crammed full of goodness, that I literally could not put another item in.  The box actually bulges!  I had to put gold foil seals on the top and bottom flap to keep it all in. I believe Jane would be proud to see her name on this kit.   You can check it out completely on  my etsy store: Lost Art Revived.   

Whatever you inspired and do it well!  How about writing a letter today?

Write Letters.
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. I've never seen a Jane Austen doll before. And she's not just a doll, she's a letter writing action figure. Love it!

    1. Yep! I'm sure she is endowed with all sorts of action figure powers! Maybe if I perch her on my desk (of course, with her Longbourn background--I can't take her out of her element) then maybe she would inspire me!

  2. Who knew there was a JA doll? Your daughter did and that's what matters. And she's an action figure no less. Congratulations!

    Your kit is interesting. If I were a Janeite, I'd be all over it. Is that a wax seal? A stamp? Did you buy a copy of the Jane Austen journal? It's different. I gave mine to a Janeite. (sigh) Much success with your JASK!

    P.S. I almost bought a Game of Thrones action figure today. :)

    1. OK. Blank look here. What is the "Jane Austen journal"? I'm interested!

      Thanks for the kind comments on the Jane Austen letter writing kit! Yes, there is a wax stamp and a stick of wax in each kit so that one can "properly" seal their letters! :)

    2. I wasn't being kind. :) But you're welcome. I like kits; it's one of the reasons why I bought a Social Preparedness Kit. Your kit sounds true to the period. It's sure to sell well.

      You can get a look at the JAJ here: Note the comment about her "cross writing." I gave one as a gift but the intended recipient never mentioned it, so I'm not sure Janeites would like it. I sure did/do. :)

    3. I did check it out and LIKED it very much! It's on my wish list on Amazon!

  3. That remind me I need to get some letters out.

    1. Oh me too! I have to remember not to just "write about writing letters.." but to ACTUALLY do so myself! Off to write some letters!

  4. Yay! I can't wait! Awesome figurine, too.