Monday, September 28, 2015

Sew Mail

Sew Cute!!!

Once upon a time, I sewed.  I have 2 sewing machines and am determined that THIS year I will be getting back to that  interest.  But for now, what do you think of these cute note cards from Michaels  that are  based on the art of SEWING and fashion?  

They didn't forget the envelopes.  How clever!  Pattern pieces scattered throughout.

I decided to get a few of my vintage patterns out.  I have boxes and boxes of them.   I went ahead and  photo copied the pattern sleeve.

I selected one and decided to make an envelope and some tags.  Don't you just love the short white gloves?  On such a casual outfit too! :-)

That purple streak is glue that isn't dry.  Oops.  

Here is the envelope and tag set.  I will be sending this set to my sister, who also has a sewing background.    And a little Ingrid Bergman just seemed to be the right fit for this retro letter.   I will be making several of these in the up and coming days, as I love to cut and paste...just like a kid!

What have you been up to?  Have you written your letter to me yet?  The address is in the column to the right.  You could be the next Spotlight On My Mailbox! Let me hear from you.  

The Craftier the Better,
Happy Snailmailing,